Sweet Holiday wishes

happy holidays
...to all of you and thanks for stopping by at marionhearts.com.

Fallen ginkgo leaves

Fallen ginkgo leaves

Glutenfree Hazelnut Macaroons & Almond Elisen Gingerbread

Glutenfree Hazelnut Macaroons & Almond Elisen Gingerbread
Our new online store keeps me busy these days...there's always some more information to add, something to blog about and lots of paperwork has to be done...and YAY! orders have to be packed and send out. For more information please check out our HONIG & PFEFFER blog.

Happy 3rd Advent

Happy 3rd Advent

Pickpocket Paxon

Pickpocket Paxon

Alright, I'm getting a little blog crazy lately with the blogs for our new online store...And sometimes I already have a hard time keeping up with this one anyway...but after uploading the last photo of Paxon I just had the idea to create an own blog for images and stories of him. Yes, eventually I might turn into one of those crazy cat ladies but I just love him too much. And that way I don't have to take care about flooding my Flickr account or this blog with cat photos. So if you don't like cats or think I am already totally crazy just ignore this...but if you do want to follow Paxon's adventures I'd be happy to see you on pickpocketpaxon.blogspot.com.

Happy Furry Friday

Happy Furry Friday
...from me and the cookie stealing monster, err, cat ;-)

Inspirational Homes: Rie Elise Larsen

Inspirational Home: Rie Elise Larsen
Journalist: Rie Elise Larsen og Stine F. Mathiasen Fotograf: Lisbett Wedendahl

I know these images from BoBedre have been posted on several blogs before but I can't get over how much I love it. Especially the awesome white table in the 10 m² kitchen of Rie Elise Larsen. I've been looking to find an old Gründerzeit table about the same size for our kitchen on ebay for months now but unfortunately without success. We recently replaced our kitchen table with a smaller one but this is only temporary solution becasue I do not like the table itself. But it was amazing to find out what a difference it makes. Since we moved in back in 2002 we've had this rather large IKEA table (ablout 1,60 m x 0,80 m) in our kitchen. It was way to large for our kitchen and sitting there always meant at least one of us had to face the wall - something we both really dislike. So basically we always ended up eating in the living room and using this table only as a storing area or additional counter top. The strangest thing about this is that I always thought we do not like to eat in the kitchen because our kitchen is uncozy or something while the true reason was the huge table...which we did not notice until we threw it out and replaced it with a smaller one.
Anyway, I will keep looking for a similar table and meanwhile please enjoy the lovely home of Rie Elise Larsen...I will most definitely steal some of her ideas to make our kitchen cozier nevertheless...because we now LOVE to eat in our kitchen but some coziness and decoration will never do harm, right? ;-)

Inspirational Home: Rie Elise Larsen

Inspirational Home: Rie Elise Larsen
Journalist: Rie Elise Larsen og Stine F. Mathiasen Fotograf: Lisbett Wedendahl

On my wishlist: Bags from Gaia & Ko

Bags von Gaia & Ko
Yesterday I found this lovely bags from Gaia & Ko from Denmark on the internet and instantly fell in love. Originally these are diaper bags but I think they make a lovely hand bag. (I actually couldn't believe that they are diaper bags because they look nothing like that...) And as far as I understand they even have a water-proof compartment and various inside pockets so they might as well make a good camera bag...or camera/hand bag combo (something I've been looking for forever). You can buy them from lirumlarumlek.dk or if you live in Germany you can also order them at lillefolk.de. Both stores also carry the most adorable children's clothes and toys, btw. So if you are still looking for some christmas presents for your kids, nieces, nephews, grandchilds, your friends' kids...be sure to visit these sites...

May I introduce you to...

...something that makes life delicious...our new online store HONIG & PFEFFER where we sell the finest gingerbread (Lebkuchen), coconut or hazelnut macaroons as well as domino cubes (Dominosteine) from our favorite family-run gingerbread manufacturer in Nuremberg. All products are made by hand after traditional family recipes without any additives, preservatives, colorants or artificial flavoring...and we also carry glutenfree and diabetic products made without flour. And lots of other delicious things...
It took us way longer than we thought but we are very happy that we could finally put it up on the web and announce our little gingerbread store open. I can't believe it's actually running!?!? Can someone please pinch me...It's still very beta and needs some more testing but we didn't want to wait any longer. (Please let me know if you experience any troubles or bugs!) There were several situations during the past weeks when I was totally in doubt if we can make it and when I wanted to pack it all in...it's a LOT of work when you do it all by yourself. I did all the designing, taking images, coding the frontend, designing the packaging,...and S. did all the backend progamming. Yes, it's kind of crazy to develop a complete e-commerce shopping system all by yourself. And create a new packaging. But we wanted to have everything according to our ideas and expectations. And so far I'm happy with it and it was worth the work :-) I hope you enjoy it, too.
Glutenfree Box

You can read more about HONIG & PFEFFER on our about site (yes, that is unfortunately the only site on our website in German AND English so far) or on our new blog where I keep you updated about new products...

A little preview...

Feinste Kokosmakronen mit Schokolade, 6 Stück
these are some product shots I have taken for our new online shop :) I can't believe but we are almost DONE, just some some additional keywords here and a little testing there. But the site will go online later TODAY. More to come...
Feinste Kokosmakronen unglasiert, 6 Stück


I'm sorry for being away for so long. I know one of my resolutions was to keep up blogging more often but I've really had two lousy weeks. I got my tax assessment for 2007 (much much MUCH higher than I expected), our tumble dryer died, someone hit my car, I got another terrible high tax assessment (income tax this time), the drain in our kitchen broke and the kitchen was flooded...I hope this run of bad luck ends soon because I can not handle any more mishaps. That's enough for at least the next year!
And, well, I turned 30 last week. Another bummer although I saw it already coming ;) But that means it's time take stock of my 29 Things before 30 list. So here's an update:

  1. Go to the ophthalmologist and get some new glasses -> Postponed, no new glasses for a while as I have to pay my taxes
  2. Continue blogging more often: at least once better several times a week -> At least I tried. But the last weeks I did not feel like sharing, like telling the world how miserable I feel. I just wanted to hide under a big blanket. And well, that's what I did. Hiding. And trying to focus on work.
  3. Get that online shop up and running and hopefully having sold something -> No, another very frustrating thing but as of today it's only a matter of hours until it will be up and running. It has to be up within the next 24 hours or I will freak out. It's so much more work than we thought. And there's so many things to take care of if you want to sell something in this country...it's incredible. So many laws and regulations I have never heard of and now clue about. I do want to open an online shop not study law!
  4. Write a timetable for the projects I have in mind -> Ha, timetable, I don't have any time these days at all, so no timetable
  5. Do some brainstorming about the names of these projects -> nope
  6. Get a haircut -> No
  7. Mini-makeover for the kitchen: install new shelves, lights and set up the kitchen table -> we got rid of the old table and found a temporary solution. Didn't like the shelves with the table, so we decided against installing them.
  8. Redesign blog header -> YES!
  9. Collect all payments from clients -> Yes, I send out reminders and filed for a court collection proceeding
  10. Check business account several times a week -> Not several times a week but I did that regulary
  11. Do at least one painting -> No
  12. Continue scribbling in my Moleskine planner -> No
  13. Get back to a normal work/sleep schedule -> worked only for several days
  14. Do the laundry daily -> Did it more often at least. Until our tumble dryer died...
  15. Take photos more often -> No, only when I had to
  16. And also upload these photos to the computer -> Yes
  17. Take a long walk through my city exploring it like a tourist, like I did last year -> No, barely left my desk at all
  18. Take more photos for my series Gebete/Prayers -> No
  19. Stop buying things (esp. furniture) that I don't need and that I do not at all have place for to store -> Well, one dresser does not count, right?
  20. Get more social -> Totally falied at this one
  21. Use a proper layout grid for upcoming web projects -> Yes, and it was way easier
  22. Get my aunt's website done -> Yes, it went online on Monday
  23. Get my new corporate website done -> No
  24. Forget about the website theft and just move on with the new design -> It just came to my mind again a few days ago...argh...still indecisive if I should just forget about it or consult a lawyer. But chances are very low that I will have sucess suing someone in Turkey...
  25. Do not allow that minor things, unexpected problems or bureaucracy stuff holds me back from getting things done -> I tried to and it was good to keep that im mind everytime things started to annoy me
  26. Think about escaping for my birthday -> No, stayed at home. Damn taxes!
  27. Pay bills instantly -> Sometimes...
  28. Make christmas cards early this year -> Not done yet
  29. Stick to this list! -> I really tried to but...lots of excuses...but it was good to come back to this list every now and then.

Wreath & Berries


Some images have to do for today. There's still a crapload of work ahead till we can open our shop sometime next week. And I hate that I'm way behind with work but I have a hard time getting things done these days because I feel tired and worn out all day. Maybe it's the weather. It's grey outside all day long and there's not the slightest sign that the sun will come out at least for some minutes today...oh, and I couldn't stick to my '29-things-before30'-list. I bought some furniture that we do not have space for. Again. Damn.

Autumn leaves

Autumn leaves
Autumn is my most favorite time of the year. I'm not too fond of heat anyway so I love when it's getting colder. And I love the beautiful colors when all the leaves turn golden...

New Magazine: Effilee


I have always missed a high-quality food magazine in Germany. There are several but they are just not my cup of tea. Either the recipes are just something I would never cook or eat, or there's a lack of journalistic background. I'm not really interested in reading how to clean my windows or how to prepare with convenient food. And most of them do not come up to my expectations when it comes to layout and photography too. But yesterday when I went to my local news stand - expecting nothing fancy becasue they are not very well-assorted - I instantly spotted this new magazine: Effilee. And I love it! Great layout and graphic design. Sexy images and illustrations (some of them very unusual for a food magazine but very very awesome!), interesting articles that I enjoyed to read, a perfect mixture of qiuck-n-easy and challenging recipes (well besides the one of calf's brain with vinaigrette and lavendel froth, although the plate looks like a piece of art),...you can find more information on their website at www.effilee.de (only in German though).

Pondering on duck - How is a recipe developed? Text: Vijay Sapre, Images: Andrea Thode

Top: Fashion images taken in the Michelin-starred restaurant Essigbrätlein in Nürnberg, Images: Detlef Schneider
Middle: Menu for two, Images: Wolfgang Schardt
Bottom: Cookie party, Images: Malte Braun

You can see more scans at my Flickr Set Effilee.

Not really an update...

...but an exciting day. We are working hard getting our online shop I was taking about in this entry up and running. And it actually looks like we can launch soon. YAY! I can't wait to tell you all...Today we made it official and registered the business. So from today on I am not only a freelance web & graphic designer but also a co-owner of a retail business.
I'm pretty much through with the corporate and web design of the new site and spend most of my days researching. I have to admit I absolutely underestimated that part. It takes forever finding out how to ship abroad, which shipping boxes to use, which bags, do we need a contract, what about the taxes, how to find a reasonable priced manufacturer for the packaging I want...I could go on forever. Finding and developing the right packing is also so much harder than we thought. And we don't even want to have anything fancy. Just some simple yet elegant boxes. But we can not afford to buy several thousands before we even started and finding a manufacturer that is willing to produce in small quantities but still at an affordable price is not easy these days...everybody wants to produce and sell in bulk. But Hello! we are small business owners, starting from scratch without a credit line or any other financial support at all. And we do this because we love the product. We think it's awfully good. And we think it needs to be spread in the world. We have no idea if anyone is going to buy it at all and if we make any money ever from this...but well, there's no way that this will discurage us. And after tons of emails, lots of phone calls and innumerable hours spend with researching things are slowly falling into place...

My desk
Image of my desk figuring out the packaging

Another reason why I'm very exited today are the elections - like well, most of us, I guess. I can't wait to see some first results and hope so very much that Obama will make it.

New Blog Layout: Ice Blue & Blackberry

I took a break from regular work yesterday and decided it's time for a new blog layout. I was really tired of all that pink and needed some change. Something to ring in the colder days of the year. And when I saw all those lovely christmas decorations from Jeanette of FRYD + DESIGN I knew I wanted to go for a light color scheme with lots of white and some ice blue. I couldn't part with the pink completely though and changed from raspberry red to blackberry...
If don't already know Jeanette's blog and work you should take some time and visit it. She makes the most lovely things and lives in a beautiful Scandinavian home (that I'm actually really jealous of I have to admit) with lots of white and great clorful accents. And she takes awesome images. And has the sweetest little girl :)

Christmas decoration from fryd + design
Images from Jeanette of frydogdesign.blogspot.com

Inspirational Homes: Polka dots

Polka dots
I'm working a lot these days and have very little time for blogging and reading blogs...which sometimes isn't the worst thing - getting used to having all the inspiration 'delivered' happens so quickly. But sometimes you should really try to find it for yourself. Elsewhere than in the internet or in magazines. So I want to share some more images I have taken in the apartment with the pink bedroom. For the love of polka dots :)

Wishing you a happy Saturday with some flowers

Did I say I'm getting tired of pink? Anyway, today it's just some flowers and wishing you a happy Saturday before I'm off to a afternoon NOT spent in front of the computer...Already made a cake and some other food and now I'll grab my camera and hop in the car to a BBQ in the lovely autumn sun...

Inspirational Homes: Pink Bedroom

Pink Bedroom
I just couldn't let the opportunity pass to snap some images of this pink bedroom. And although I'm slowly getting sick of all the pink on my blog (I feel the urge to redesign my blog and go all white) I love it. I think I couldn't live with it but it makes me want to paint something pink right away...

Pink Bedroom Details

Hidden Hearts

Hidden Hearts

Sometimes it's the littlest things that make you happy. Like those hidden hearts I found recently...You just have to look carefully – those glimpes of happiness can easily be missed.

Pink for October

Pink for October

I started cookie season early this year and decided to join in the Breast Cancer Awareness Month month with some pink ribbon cookies...for more information check out Breast Cancer Awareness Month at Wikipedia.

And if you live in Denmark be sure not to miss the lovely products they sell all over the country in October to raise money for the Danish Breast Cancer Campaign. This year they are designed by Julie Storm Christensen.
Pink for October
Images from stoetbrysterne.dk

Inspirational Homes: Tobias & Hanne

Today while doing some research on photographer Tia Borgsmidt I stumbled over the images she has taken of one of the most awesome apartments I've seen in a long time. The home of Copenhagen based graphic designer Tobias Mikkelsen and architecture student Hanne Scheel Andersen. Together they run the blog What We Do where they write about personal projects and share inspirational links. Recently they posted some images - taken by Tia Borgsmidt and styled by Sidsel Zachariassen - of their apartment for an upcoming editorial in Boligmagasinet.

In the kitchen they mixed low-budget IKEA drawers and cupboards with custom-(family)-built shelves and great sea-green glass tiles...The apartment is lovely by itself already: bright, wooden floors, nice trims, old doors (Is there such an thing as not-pretty apartments in Denmark at all?) but they turned it into a perfect home. I'd move in right away...

Images from Tia Borgsmidt, Image on the lower left from Tobias & Hanne

I truly love their mix of new and old, of colorful accents and classic black-and white throughout the partment. In the livingroom the white TV on the wall almost completely disappears and the cupboards mounted on the walls give the whole room and light an airy feeling. I've seen this idea last year - of course in a Danish Interior magazine - and wanted to do the same in our living room. But, well, without those beautiful white trims and such a lovely wooden floor it looks nothing like that...

Images from Tia Borgsmidt

In the bedroom of their 85m² apartment they share with their little daughter Silke they installed a modern, custom-built work space in a black glossy look for the both of them. You should most definitely check out the original blog entry from What We Do for all the links to the manufacturers they provide and some details about those great black cupboards they used as base for their desk...

Images from Tia Borgsmidt, Image of flowers from Tobias & hanne

I think what attracts me so much about their home it that they seem to have a very similar approach to Interior design than I do. And we seem fall for the same things. There is not one single piece in these shots that I do not like. But there are even several things we both own or love and that I have already written about here. Chalkbarod - check, dishwasher - check, Kramfors sofa - check, Trollsta series - check...

29 Things before 30

This morning I stumbled upon Travel Turtle's blog and her list of things she wants to do before she turns 32. The idea behind it comes from Simple Lovely and doobleh-vey who are both turning 35 this year and is that it's much easier to stick to a doable list of simple, small but meaningful things than an huge "bucket list" over the course of a life. And with my upcoming birthday (the big 3-0) in less than 8 weeks I thought it'd be the perfect chance to join in and create a list of things I want to do before that day:
  1. Go to the ophthalmologist and get some new glasses
  2. Continue blogging more often: at least once better several times a week
  3. Get that online shop up and running and hopefully having sold something
  4. Write a timetable for the projects I have in mind
  5. Do some brainstorming about the names of these projects
  6. Get a haircut
  7. Mini-makeover for the kitchen: install new shelves, lights and set up the kitchen table
  8. Redesign blog header
  9. Collect all payments from clients
  10. Check business account several times a week
  11. Do at least one painting
  12. Continue scribbling in my Moleskine planner
  13. Get back to a normal work/sleep schedule
  14. Do the laundry daily
  15. Take photos more often
  16. And also upload these photos to the computer
  17. Take a long walk through my city exploring it like a tourist, like I did last year
  18. Take more photos for my series Gebete/Prayers
  19. Stop buying things (esp. furniture) that I don't need and that I do not at all have place for to store
  20. Get more social
  21. Use a proper layout grid for upcoming web projects
  22. Get my aunt's website done
  23. Get my new corporate website done
  24. Forget about the website theft and just move on with the new design
  25. Do not allow that minor things, unexpected problems or bureaucracy stuff holds me back from getting things done 
  26. Think about escaping for my birthday
  27. Pay bills instantly
  28. Make christmas cards early this year
  29. Stick to this list!

Flowery wallpapers? Y/N?

Images from www.meinewand.de, Wallpaper Maggie
I'm not someone who likes gaudy interiors, wallpapered all over with colorful flowers and bold patterns. I've always had white walls with paitings (mostly my own) or other accents such as wallpapered panels. And I've always prefered light and bright interiors. A simple and clean style and very scandinavian. But this wallpaper from Meine Wand caught my eye for two reasons. First, I really like the pixelated effect and how it shifts when out of focus. I can totally see it used for photoshootings and stuff. Or used for one accent wall or a panel to break up lots of white...
The second reason why I have a huge thing for it is because it reminds me of the bathroom in my Grandparents vacation home in Florida...Well, as long as I can remember I thought the wallpaper in this bathroom was terrible hideous and causes eye cancer - the whole room except for the shower was papered with it from the floor to the ceiling and there was some heating bulb in there, too, which flooded the room with red (!) light. Entering this room was like entering a different world. A world where it is always warm and colorful and fancy and loud, where everything else started to feel irrelevant because the pink and lilac walls together with the red, warm light obliterated everything. I don't know if this makes any sense but there are interiors - no matter if you like them or not - that just suck you in and there is simply no way to ignore or oversee them. Oh, and did I mention that this bathroom did not have a window and you could only enter it thorugh an ante-sink-area which made it impossible that this room may ever get a single beam of daylight?

Said bathroom, taken by me back in 2001

Anyway - now, several years after my grandparents have sold the house and after years of missing Florida dearly I also start to miss this bathroom...of course I still think it was gruesome. But as much as it was overdone and shrill and tacky it was also very unique and kitschy. In the end you could only love it (as long as this is not your only bathroom that you have to use every day!).

But I don't want to end this post without sharing some more wallpapers from Meine Wand:

Images from www.meinewand.de

Layout troubles

Argh, I only wanted to add an 'older entries' link at the bottom of this page and now my old design template does not work any more. I'm sorry if anyone is visiting my blog right now and it looks like a complete mess...
I intentionally saved the old HTML code but yes, I have to admit, it's always been a mess because I never had a proper template for my layout so I took a free (messy) template and revamped it quickly back then. And now the code does not validate anymore (it seems like they added the validate-code-feature) and therefore I can not save it. Makes me gotta change the new XML code from a differnet (this time I use template provided through blogger) and restore the old layout bit by bit...Maybe I should use this as a sign and redesign the whole site?

Zara Home

Zara Home
Images from www.zarahome.com

Impressions from the Zara Home Autumn Winter 2008/09 catalog...I couldn't resist but share these images but what I actually wanted to show you are those lovely water tumblers from Zara Home. Wouldn't they look pretty on one of those wooden dining tables from the last post?
Zara Home
Images from www.zarahome.com

Dining tables & chairs

Dining tables & chairs
images from boligmagasinet.dk via angelattable.blogspot.com, livingetc.com and dominomag.com

Holly vom decor8 recently asked her readers what their current obsessions are. One of mine is definitely dining tables and chairs these days. Preferably antique wooden tables combined with (white) desinger chairs such as the Arne Jacobsen Series 7 chairs from Fritz Hansen or the Panton chairs from Vitra. Or a collection of different chairs - antique and new, old bistro or restaurant chairs and designer chairs - all white.

HELP! Stolen website

HELP! Stolen website
on the top this is my site and below the stolen site

WTF!? Someone stole the complete design of my corporate website. I really don't mind if someone gets inspired by others and stuff but this is just bold and incredible ridiculous as well...on the english front page they did not even change the location although they are located in Istanbul. And they didn't change my alt-tags...I'm so mad!
Right now I'm about to redesign this site anyway because the design is several years old but it makes me angry nevertheless.
Anyone any ideas how I can make them liable for this even if they are based in Turkey???
I blurred the names because I don't want anyone to warn them...

Martha Stewart Collection for Macy's

Martha Stewart Collection for Macy's
Images from www.macys.com

Some of you have asked where I've gotten the cupcake tray and the spatula from the image in the lemon cupcake entry. They are from the Martha Stewart Collection for Macy's and yes, I brought them home all the way from NYC - along with the cake stand in the raspberries photo and the enamel on steel tea kettle . I was hoping and praying that no one wants to control our luggage at the airport because most likely they would have thought I'm totally crazy. While everyone brings iPods and MacBooks and clothes and stuff from the US to Germany I bring home tea kettles and cupcake trees and baking tools from Martha Stewart...

Clockwise: Martha Stewart Collection Cupcake Tree, Red Silicone Spatula, Blue Enamel on Steel Tea Kettle, Silicone 3-Piece Blue Bakeware Set and Cast Iron Cake Turntable (which was unfortunately way to heavy to bring home although I still wish I had bought it).

Lemon Cupcakes

Lemon Cupcakes
Or the cupcakes that never had a chance to get a frosting...Of course I was planning to make a delicious creamcheese frosting for these cupcakes but somehow they all disappeared before I got the chance to. This was a new recipe (although altered because I just can't stick to a recipe) I tried and I was quite happy with the taste (lemony and very moist) but they did not rise as expected. I have to do some testing with replacing the regular baking powder you get here in Germany with baking soda (Natron) or with mixing up both.

125 g Flour
125 g Butter
125 g Sugar
2 Eggs
1 Tsp Baking powder
1 Tbsp Lemon zest
2 Tbsp Lemon juice
2 Tbsp Cream or Buttermilk

Store all ingredients at room temperature.
Mix butter, sugar and cream and whisk until sugar has dissolved and the mixture turns light and fluffy. Add the eggs one at a time while continuing beating. Add lemon juice and zest. Add sieved flour and baking powder and mix until everything is well combined. Scoop into cupcake cups and bake at 190°C (375°F) for about 15 to 20 minutes.
(As mentioned above this cupcakes did not rise using baking powder so you might wanna replace the baking powder with baking soda (Natron)...

Raspberries & Magazines

Honestly I'm not feeling very inspired lately and my thoughts are spinning in circles since we've come back from Canada...I think I have to sort some things out...and there's a lot of frustation coming up that has piled up over the last months or even years and needs to be dealt with finally...

That's one of the reasons I stayed quiet lately although I promised to myself to post more often. Another reason is that I feel like getting tired of the ever same content I see getting re-blogged and re-blogged on various websites. I can't even name any specific blogs that I'm getting bored of or don't want to blame anyone - I have re-blogged things I love myself. But when I open a magazine and every other article and image feels familiar because I've seen it several times on the web it somehow starts to bug me. Because it takes away the fun of reading a magazine. Of finding some new inspiration. Of discovering something all by myself. It also feels like an inspiration overflow over time...Awesome, inspirational stuff everywhere...Or is it just me, my bad mood and the fact that I'm frustrated anyway?

But I don't want to get you down so I leave you for the weekend with some of my favorite things that make me happy: Delicious, fresh raspberries on my Martha Stewart cake stand that I broght home all the way from Macy's NYC and two of my favorite magazines I bought for an elusive amount of money at the International newsdealer at the Central Station to soothe my "Fernweh"...


Moo Business Cards

Moo Business Cards
Images from www.flickr.com/photos/richardmoross/ and www.moo.com
Everyone who knows me knows that I'm a big fan of Moo. I love their minicards, the postcards, the stickers...and I'm totally excited to hear that they are about to announce regular business cards. As a Graphic Designer I design and order business cards for clients on a regular basis and although I've ordered tons of printing examples from printers thorughout the years I was never really happy with the results. I don't even want to speak about the possibility to design each card individually which no other printer offers. And which is absolutely awesome! (And something clients are interested in but printers seemingly not so much.)
It's great to see that Moo also offers a green alternative now (100% recycled, 100% recyclable and bio-degradable stock) besides the classic paper stock and can't wait to hold some of them in my hands...Check out Richard Morross' blog or Moo's secret stuff page for more information. And, pssst, newsletter recipients get a 20% discount off their first pack as soon as they launch. So I know what I'll be doing on the weekend...

Cushions by Marcel Wanders for B&B Italia

Cushions by Marcel Wanders for B&B Italia
Images from www.bebitalia.it

I really like how Dutch Designer Marcel Wanders mixes patterns that don't go well with each other prima facie but end up being surprising and fun juxtapositions for his new cusion line for B&B Italia. The cusions are available in several designs and come in three different sizes (40x40 cm, 60x60 cm and 90x90 cm). I'd love to add some of these in our new bedroom but none of the designs goes with our color scheme so it might be time to get out my newly acquired sewing machine...

New links

I updated the list of my daily reads and added some new finds and some old links I re-found in my bookmarks. Check it out on the bottom of this page.

Ideas for our new bedroom - Decor8/Amy Butler Mood Board Contest

Mood Board Contest - Fern Sleeping - Amy Butler
Based on ideas for our new bedroom I made a mood board for the Decor8/Amy Butler Mood Board Contest. I already bought some of the things and the renewal is in full swing...so this is not just a collection of ideas for this contest but for an actual project of ours. I can't wait to see how it turns out.

1 - IKEA, Pax Wardrobe with sliding doors, $390.00
2 - Amy Butler, mustard / garden maze ab-23
3 - Habitat, Shiro Small dome pendant shade and Cone pendant shade, £ 12,00/9,00
4 - Schöner Wohen Wall Colors in Fern, Cotto and Honey
5 - IKEA, PÅBO Pendant lamp in green, $14.99
6 - IKEA, FLORÖ Bed frame, $379.00/$399.00
7 - IKEA, OVATION Vases, $12.99/each
8 - Habitat, PEROUSE Bedside unit, £ 199,00
9 - Painting by me
10 - IKEA, LINGO Box with lid, $4.99 / 2 pack
11 - Habitat, KILO Occasional table in Fresh olive green, £ 25,00
12 - Amy Butler, linen / optic blossom ab-27
13 - IKEA, Alkov chest, $39.99
14 - West Elm, Morocco embroidered duvet cover + shams, $89.00 - $129.00

Fortune Cookie Haiku

Fortune Cookie Haiku

Gananoque Provincial Inn

Gananoque Provincial Inn

Gananoque Provincial Inn

Gananoque Provincial Inn

I most definitely have a preference for Motels with nice chairs. We decided on impulse to extend our stay at the Gananoque Provincial Inn for one more night and spend the day relaxing and doing basically nothing at the small town of Gananoque...the cosy room and the lovely chairs sure did push making this decision. It was an awesome slow day. I only can recommend staying there on your route from Montréal to Toronto. Or whenever you pass this area and are looking for a nice place to stay...