Welcome February

It's almost frightening how fast times flies by these days. I'm busy with my corporate job(s) and the projects for my own clients and there's almost no time left to pursue my own stuff. Last week when Christa of Letteria asked me some questions about my letterpress I realized that it has been a whole year since I bought it. Holy crap! 12 months. And I didn't have any time to actually print (besides some test runs). And not nearly did I have as much time as I wished to paint. Or to take pictures. Or to start any of the new ideas that have been on my mind for quite some time...

2008 as been very kind to me so far. (Well, except yesterday, when someone snapped a worktop at the as-it area at IKEA right from under my nose. And in the evening it happened again when someone was faster with clicking the "buy now" button at some ebay action. ARGH! I really hate when things like that happen and it makes me insufferable for at least several hours...And of course it didn't help that I have been grumpy all day anyway because I didn't get any work done...hence I'm glad January is over and February makes its debut.) But I truly hope that I will find some more time during the next months to get my own projects off the ground. At least some of them. Meanwhile and until I manage to create my own line of letterpressed things (hopefully I ever will at all) please have a look at letteria's awesome work: