Astrid's favorite Interior Design blogs


Astrid interviewed her 21 favorite Interior Design bloggers for an awesome article on And I'm really happy that I am part of it. Unfortunately it is only available in Norwegian but you can check her answers at her blog. And here are my answers:

Where do you live?
I live in my hometown Nürnberg in Bavaria, Germany in a 3 bedroom/1 bathroom aparment from the late 1960/early 70ties. I share the aparment with my boyfriend and our cat Paxon. We both work from home so each of us has its own office/work room.

What is your blog about?
My blog is about all the things I like and I'm interested in. Everything I heart. Photography, Interior Design, Cooking and Baking, Traveling, Handbags and Shoes, my cat, my everyday life,...

Which interior decorating style do you like best?
This is a though question. I like lots of styles but that does not mean I could live with them. Too much mixed colors and patterns make me feel uncomfortable. I need something to rest my eyes on. For my own home I prefer lots of white with some colorful accents and kitschy accessories. I don't know if there is a name for it. I'd maybe call it "Scandinavia meets Kitsch". I like to mix IKEA furniture with desinger pieces or vintage items from ebay or thrift stores. While I've always liked simple and clean shapes best when it comes to furniture I also discovered a fondness for old Gründerzeit (founding period) tables or single items from the 50ties to 70ties during the last years. And I have a huge weakness for Scandinavian design in general, not only furniture. I've wanted some Arne Jacobsen Series 7 chairs for more than a decade now.

Something I do not like are too perfectly and too much styled homes. As much as I adore and love to real all those glossy interior and architecture magazines with its perfect kitchens and living rooms inside as much it also repels me if I see such perfectly styled and prestigiously decorated but lifeless, impersonal homes for real. I feel sorry for kitchens that have never seen a pan and some fat splashes from cooking. And I'd always rather leave my walls blank than hanging up some worthless yet expensive piece of art whose only purpose is to match my couch. I'm downright scared of ready-furnished homes that come with plastic flowers, cutlery and a new bathrobe .
And what makes my eyes really hurt is the typical German interior. Mail-ordered huge wall units either made of oak (no, not that modern oak stuff but some old style rustic oak furniture) or with a flesh-colored fake beech decor and a gruesome beige-brown couch. Oh, and maybe a coffee table made of an old cart wheel? How about that? Germany is truly in desperate need of interior designers and stylists. ;-)

What is your dream house?
I'd love to live in an old Victorian house in upstate New York or San Francisco. Or in one of these typical red wooden houses in Sweden. Or in an old, historic apartment Copenhagen. It depends on where I live. But it always come back to an old building that with can renovate according to our own ideas and wishes. And to huge windows for lots of light, old wooden floors, old doors, preferably stucco ceilings and lots of space (I have too much stuff). And I'd love to live by the sea one day.

Why do you blog?
To share my inspirational finds with like-minded people. To communicate with others. To inspire and to get inspired.

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New doormat?

Doormats from ikarus
I'm seriously thinking about getting a new doormat from Or maybe two? I love the one with the Swiss cross and the one with the baroque pattern and for 14,90 € ($ 20,00) I think they are a steal. Check them out at the ikarus online store.

Awesome Packaging: Jamie Oliver

I have to admit I'm not a big fan of Jamie Oliver in general but I love the pakaging design of his new brand Jme by Pearlfisher. Products are available at

You Know You're a Graphic Designer When...

Today I stumbled over this and this...and felt totally busted because most of these things fully apply. Others lucky not so much because the front end developer in me would never allow them. 

So here's some unambiguous warning sings that you're well on the way to become a design nerd or that you already work as a graphic designer:
  1. You can spot bad typography from 100 meters away.
  2. You can name more than 200 fonts in under five minutes.
  3. You are completely immune to subliminal advertising.
  4. You look upon a well-designed project with either: sympathy OR extreme jealousy.
  5. Your hand is permanently stuck in the shape of a mouse.
  6. You practically take caffeine intravenously.
  7. You have an appreciation for everything unique.
  8. You've been spending three days non-stop on a project and it still looks like shit. You find yourself overcome by Deathlust.
  9. You buy a CD or DVD only for the artwork.
  10. You look at the clock and see it's about midnight and think "I'll go to bed now"... and you actually go to bed at about 2-3 am.
  11. Seing someone use Lens Flare or Comic Sans adversely affects your blood-pressure.
  12. You have a thing for chairs. You don't know why.
  13. You maintain a grid system for your refrigerator magnets.
  14. You sit at work for eight hours straight just looking at your monitor, waiting for a spark of inspiration that doesn't come.
  15. You’re up ’til 5am because you came up with the best idea ever while brushing your teeth.
  16. The hottest dream you ever had was “Trace contour… Find Edges… Pinch… Extrude… Smudge Stick… Motion Blur…. Sprayed Strokes…”
  17. You know Lorem Ipsum by heart.
  18. Activating your entire font collection makes your computer crash.
  19. You spend $200 on a font for your personal website because “it’s the only one where the lower-case g is just right…”
  20. Looking at a menu makes you go “hmmm, ITC Baskerville italic” rather than “mmmm, lunch!”
  21. You use words about fonts you dislike that other normal people reserve for fascist dictators and serial killers.
  22. When your significant other/ friends have threatened to never speak to you again if you point out one more font to them.
  23. Apple+Z is the first thing that goes through your mind if you drop and break something.
  24. You actually understand this post and pass it on to your friends.