Blog Love: nicoletter

bloglove: nicoletter
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I can't remember how I stumbled over the lovely nicoletter blog...but I instantly fell for it. Nico - a graphic designer from Germany - does not only maintain her sweet blog she also runs a little paper store called nicoletter on etsy (and for German readers/visitors also on nicoletter is also available on DaWanda) where she sells her postcards and greeting cards and wrapping papers. I really love her work I'm pretty sure it's gonna be a huge success. And isn't her logo, the heart with the little birdie, just the sweetest ever?

Happytape - Japanese Wahsi Paper Tape

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I want to buy all of them. Check them out at:

Easter lunch

Easter lunch
Some snaps I have taken of the roasted leg of lamb we had for lunch at Easter sunday this year...

Happy (belated) Easter

Easter 2009

Bags from Storksak

Storksak Suzi
Images from, Bag Suzi

I want to go on a weekend trip to London to get this lovely bag from storksak. Due to the exchange rate EUR/GBP it's much cheaper over there. Yes, again it's a diaper bag but I am pretty sure it works pretty fine as regular hand/camera bag, too. I just can't help if they make prettier diaper bgas than handbags. It's also available at the maternity fashion store Glückskind down the street from where I live and I have a hard time not following my impulse of entering the store and buying it immediately everytime I pass the storefront.