Redesign for my design studio website


Even though I have been really busy during the last months I managed to get something done I've been working on FOREVER – the redesign of my design studio website. I actually launched the new design several weeks ago but not I haven't gotten around to show it here. I just updated it and added some of our recent work. So – drum roll – here's the new website of my design studio holisticdesign. If you want to see more visit:


Outlook 2007 is messing up HTML newsletter code

Even though coding websites is part of my daily job, coding HTML newsletters is always a challenge. Today optimizing an HTML newsletter for Outlook 2007 made me almost lose it. Nothing seemed to work. And after a while (well, after hours and hours and tons of changes) I did some research about HTML coding for Outlook 2007 and found some helpful information. And even though this may not be great news to most developers I wanted to add some links and the most important functions that Outlook 2007 does no longer support to this post. Actually this is more a note to myself as I always tend to forget these unsupported funstions and get mad each time I develop a HTML newsletter anew.

This post by David Greiner is more than 2 years old I think it is still relevant and I feel exactly the same:
Microsoft takes email design back 5 years...As I type this post I still can't believe it. I'm literally stunned. If you haven't already heard, I'm talking about...Outlook 2007...will stop using Internet Explorer to render HTML emails and instead use the crippled Microsoft Word rendering engine.
Microsoft have released a full run down of what is and isn't supported, including a downloadable validator that helps you validate your HTML for their engine. Word of warning though, it only works with Microsoft software and Dreamweaver.

So, for the record. Outlook 2007 will no longer support:
  • background images
  • CSS float, display or position
  • 1px transparent/spacer gifs (Outlook 2007 imposes a 2-pixel height minimum for cells. No idea why...well, having to use spacer gifs AT ALL makes me want to scream but if 99% of all CSS properties do not work anymore?!)
  • animated gifs
  • Flash or other plug-ins
  • forms
  • other HTML elements and commands: button, frame, marginheight, marginwidth, onclick, onfocus, title
  • and the following CSS properties: background-attachment, background-image, background-position, background-repeat, bottom, clear, cursor, display, float, list-style-image, list-style-position, overflow, position, text-transform, word-spacing, z-index


Outlook 2007 users angry over Office 2007 HTML-e-mail changes:
Are Your Email Messages Designed for Outlook 2007? Handy Tip Sheet of What NOT to Do:
Was man beim Erstellen eines Newsletters alles beachten sollte:
Word 2007 HTML and CSS Rendering Capabilities in Outlook 2007 (Part 1 of 2):
Word 2007 HTML and CSS Rendering Capabilities in Outlook 2007 (Part 2 of 2):

Untold stories

This is my 100th blog entry and I was planning the share something more 'interesting', something more 'beautiful' than just some words. But somehow I have the hardest time incorporate blogging (as well as downloading images from my camera and editing them) into my daily routine. So I have tons of unedited images sitting here on my hard disk and I wonder if they ever find their way into this blog. Stories that I wanted to share but that remain untold. Images from the first Sushi I ever made in my life, from afternoons in the park, cake recipes, images from my new kitchen shelf and table,...

And there has also been a lot of work in the last months that made it hard to find time and inspiration to blog, too. More work than ever before actually. Interesting projects that I love(ed) to be part of. But there is also less money than ever before. I still have to pay taxes back from the last two years. And, well, I also have to prepay this year's taxes. And we needed a new car that has to be paid, too, of course. So as much as I wish that I could just sit back and relax and be happy about the steady work - I can't. I spend way too much time worrying about all the payments that have to be met. If this is all working out. And as much as I try to distract myself from all the worries I can't find distraction while sitting in front of the computer and blogging. I try to spend more days outside with friends. I started painting again. Redecorated the balcony and planted some tomatoes and herbs. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't. These are the days when I feel like all the worries are eating me up. And when I feel anything but inspired.

So, well, I guess I just wanted to say I'm still alive but not having the best time of my life. And tell one of those many untold stories I wasn't able to share (yet).

Inspirational homes: Sanne's livingroom

I'm in love with the livingroom of Nina's ( sister Sanne. Have a closer look at Nina's blog.



Jeanette from fryd+DESIGN opened her online shop fryd+SHOP. Finally. I've been already waiting for it. And now her goods of nothing but pure awesomeness are available. Have a look at her prints, the beautiful litlle dresses, the baby blankets and the paper goods she makes.

Rifle Design by Anna Melcon Bond

Rifle Design by Anna Melcon Bond

I just have to share some of Anna's amazing work on my blog, too. Anna is specialized in hand painted illustraitons and lettering and makes the most awesome wedding invitations, brochures, stationary and other custom paper goods. And I really adore her style. She draws everything by hand and scans it afterwards. A workflow that I (unfortunately) have never become friends with as the scanner is an electronic device that I really hate to use. But it's so good to see that there are still talented people like Anna out there that draw by hand. I will always heart hand-drawn images over digitally drawn ones. There's nothing more beautiful than some hand-written words and a hand-shaded illustration. It reminds me that I haven't picked up a pencil for way too long.
Oh, and Anna has a lovely home, too (see the last two images). Check out Anna's portfolio, her weddings & events site and her blog with the best blog header ever!