Spring colors

in my kitchen

...on top of my kitchen shelf...I just needed a little reminder that not everything is grey and gloomy...

Clipboards by House Doctor

Nordhjem Clipboards
Images from nordhjem.dk
Have you seen these pretty clipboards by House Doctor? Available at Nordhjem for 4,00 € (about $ 5,50 each).

Spagat Designstudio New Website + Blog

Don't miss the new website and blog of the Danish Designer Sidsel Gaustadnes. Sidsel runs her Designstudio called Spagat in Århus, Denmark and shares a studio with Architect and Artist Line Juhl Hansen. Especially worth seeing are the spreads from BoligLiv where their awesome studio and both of their lovely homes are featured.

Spagat Designstudio New Website + Blog

Hook Sparrows by Qualy

Hook Sparrow
Images from barnvanligt.nu

Another product I found on the barnvänligt online store and instantly fell in love with are the Hook Sparrows by Qualy. We don't have a coat rack or any hooks in our hall as we have a built-in closet but I wouldn't mind adding some of these in our hall.

Mr. Owl Money Box

Mr. Owl Money Box
Images from barnvanligt.nu

I want a Mr. Owl Money Box from barnvänligt. What a good idea to place a money box in your hallway and put the change and loose money in it. Plus it would look awesome in our hallway on the dresser I got for Christmas...any maybe at the end of the year the saved moeny can be used for a little day trip? I think I have do this...kind of a belated New Year's resolution...

barnvänligt.nu is an online shop based in Stockholm. Their name "barnvänligts" is a common Swedish word and means "kid friendly". They carry lifestyle stuff for trendy kids. And well, for the young at heart ♥ They ship within Sweden and Europe.

Last Krapfen of the season...

Krapfen Season is over

...unfortunately. The best Krapfen in Nürnberg makes defintely Confisiere Neef. If you live close or visit Nürnberg be sure to get some baked goods from them. They do not only make the best Krapfen they also make delicious cakes and pastries. Krapfen season starts again right after Christmas. Can't wait...

Chinese Rose Wallpaper by PiP Studio

Chinese Rose Wallpaper by PiP Studio
I wish I had a wall in our apartment that I could decorate with the Chinese Rose Wallpaper by PiP Studio. The only good thing in not having a adequate wall is not having to chose one of the awesome colors. Available at nostalgieimkinderzimmer.de or at tangletreeinteriors.co.uk.

Dandelion Greens Cutlery from Anthropologie

Dandelion Greens Cutlery from Anthropologie
Dandelion Greens Cutlery from Anthropologie (Images from .anthropologie.com)
I fell for the 'Dandelion Greens Cutlery' from Anthropologie the moment I saw it on the Anthropologie website. My first thought was 'I need to buy it this time. I missed the chance to buy this gorgeous flatware once...and I do not want to miss it again.' It took me a while to realize that I did not miss the chance to buy this cutlery from Anthropologie but I missed the chance to buy the cutlery 'Maisy' from Habitat some years ago. I started researching for Habitat's Maisy cutlery and was really confused when I found some images online. It looks almost exactly the same. Apparently Anthropologie just did some minor tweaking in the shape of the cutlery and in the floral pattern. Both flatwares are made from stainless steel and the pattern is laser etched. Habitat's Maisy designed by Louise Jenkins was sold for something between 200 and 250 € for a 16-piece set in Germany - the main reason why I didn't get it back in 2007. (And which I deeply regret till today.) Anthropologie's Dandelion Greens is way cheaper and sells for 18 € for a 5 piece setting. I'm still torn if I should grab the chance now and get the flatware from Anthropologie or if I should refrain from buying because it may (!) be an imitation. I do not want to make any allegations but this looks like a strange coincidence, right? Or did Habitat sell the design to Anthropologie? But well, why did they do some alterations then? But can it be true that Anthropologie 'borrows' a design from Habitat? Any thoughts? I'm indecisive and confused...

Maisy Cutlery by Habitat
Maisy by Habitat (Images from madame.lefigaro.fr)

Best Marble Cake Ever

Marble Cake
No, I'm not exaggerating - this is truly the best marble cake recipe ever. On Sunday when we met with our friends for coffee I was terribly craving for the marble cake next table ;-) It looked so delicious I wanted to steal it. But I did not give in, I didn't order any cake but rather made one on my own as soon as we returned home. The recipe is based on a recipe from the famous, Michelin-starred cook Johanna Maier from Austria. I found it some years ago on the internet (I think on brigitte.de but it's not available any more.) and I've made this Marble Cake several times before. And it always turned out perfect. But as I was mixing the batter I decided to spice it up and to more rum and some milk and to make it chocolat-ier.

Find the recipe in English and in German (yes, I finally managed to translate it!!!) at my new food blog at kitchenklatsch.com. Thank you!

Thermos Jugs from rice

Thermos Jug from Rice
Images from www.rice.dk
I'm not too sad that our Thermos bottle broke yesterday...because what better excuse could I have to get one of these kitschy yet cute Thermos jugs from rice?

Cute Chinese lantern fabric "Petticoat Lane" by Designers Guild

Designers Guild Petticoat Lane Sherbet
Images from www.nostalgieimkinderzimmer.de
I'm totally in love with this fabric from Designers Guild. It's called Petticoat Lane in Sherbet and part of the Primrose Hill collection. The fabric is available at Nostalgie im Kinderzimmer - a German online shop and real store (yay!) in Munich that carries lovely things for kids & grown-ups like furniture, toys, textiles and home decor knick knacks from major brands like Cath Kidston, GreenGate, Lexington, PiP Stuido, Rice, Spiegelburg and many others. I can't wait to visit the store on our day trip to Munich next week. Any other shopping recommendations for Munich?

Designers Guild Mulberry Walk
Designers Guild Primrosehill Collection

Free type transfers from Veer

Veer type transfers
Images from veer.com
Veer is giving away type transfer sheets (or "Rubbelbuchstaben" as we call them in Germany ;-) of six of their fonts. To receive this awesome give-away visit www.veer.com and register (or sign in) and follow the instructions. I can't wait to get mine...it's been ages since I last used rub ons :-) Just think of all the possibilities of such gorgeous rub ons...