May I present... new website for my wedding photography & paperie business:
This project took me litterally f-o-r-e-v-e-r to make it real. I shot my first wedding in 2006 for a friend of mine. And I also made her wedding invitations. And I loved doing both of it. It's so rewarding to work for and with people who are excited about their wedding. Their energy and anticipation is infectious and turns work into a pleasure.

The idea about creating this website evolved about two years ago when I decided to make this dream of taking my wedding photography work more serious come true. But as you can see it took me another TWO years to realize this website. So I am beyond thrilled that I finally launched it three days ago on May 1st. Please visit and the accompanying blog (both only in German yet) and let me know how you like it... Thank you for your attention :-)


  1. It looks really great! Congratulations on launching the site!

  2. Thank you Astrid :) I'm so happy I managed to put it together...I am the most terrible client I have ;-)

  3. Congratulations. Looks great.


  4. LOVE the layout and design!!

  5. Congratulations! It's wonderful.
    The layout is beautiful.