In search of Eustace - Documentary Photography by David Eustace

In search of Eustace
Screenshot from Images by David Eustace

"Scottish photographer David Eustace is a seismograph - his portraits have a way of exposing what lies beneath the surface.

We could only oblige when he expressed a desire to document a three-week road trip with his teenage daughter Rachael, as we couldn't imagine a better gift than an everlasting memory with one's father.

_On June 22, 2009, they embarked on their journey."


See the photographs of this raodtrip on These images are so strong and moving and David Eustace is an amazing photographer. And so is his daugther. And don't forget to watch the movie they made, too. It's so beautiful it almost makes me cry.

More about David Eustace on his website at


  1. Tolle Portraits! Vielen Dank für die Links!
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    Sommerliche Grüße aus HH schickt Judith

  2. Beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing.

    P.P. love your redesign.


  3. Yes, thank you for sharing! Lovely work.