Out & About in Munich: ocui - open cuisine

ocui - open cuisine is one of our favorite places to have a late lunch in Munich. Their Pizza is delicious...and I love the interior. ocui
Images taken by Corinna Haselmayer

nobel bopel, Bergen - Coffee & Furniture

I love furniture and I love cooking and baking...so the idea of mixing a used furniture store with a café sounds like the PERFECT combination to me. I could spend my days cooking and baking and buying furniture without remorse.

I found the images of nobel bopel on Siw's blog design shimmer. Thanks for letting me share them on my blog. nobel bopel sounds definitely like another good reason to visit Bergen.

nobel bopel, Bergen - Coffee & Furniture
Images taken by Design-Shimmer / Logo from nobel bopel


Old kitchen table

...I'm suffering from FBA - Furniture Buying Addication. Seriously, it's taking on dramic scales. Not money but space wise. Ask anyone around me and they will confirm that I am somewhat crazy when it comes to furniture...but I just can't say no to a nice table or a pretty chair. So I bought this old kitchen table from ebay for basically nothing. (How could I not?) Actually I only bought it because of its fancy pattern on the table top which I plan to use as a photography prop. But now I'm unsure if I should really tear this table apart and just use the table top (as planned) or if I should find a place in our apartment which means throwing out my desk or my crafting table. Argh...such an hard decision! What should I do? I need your help!

HONIG & PFEFFER Lebkuchen Verlosung auf ohhhmhhh.wordpress.com / HONIG & PFEFFER Lebkuchen Giveaway on ohhhmhhh.wordpress.com


Schnell auf zu Steffis Blog ohhhmhhh.wordpress.com um bei unserer HONIG & PFEFFER Lebkuchen Verlosung mitzumachen...Wir verlosen ein Einsteigerpaket oder ein glutenfreies Paket. Der Gewinner wir schon heute Abend gezogen!

Hurry over to Steffi's Blog ohhhmhhh.wordpress.com to enter our HONIG & PFEFFER Lebkuchen Giveaway...we will draw the winner in the eveing (CET).

Livingroom TV/Storage Combination using IKEA BESTÅ

Livingroom TV/Storage Combination using IKEA BESTÅ
I really like this Livingroom TV/Storage Combination using IKEA BESTÅ I found on x4duros.com, a Spanish Interior Design Blog. It looks simple and clean yet upscale and doesn't scream IKEA.
Images posted with permisson from x4duros.com

Home Office Inspirations and Ideas, Part I

A new week already? Middle of October already? I have absolutely no idea where this past week has gone. Lebkuchen season has started and orders keep coming in at HONIG & PFEFFER, which makes us really happy but also really busy...another reason why I didn't notice how this past week went by is that I found out that the pain in my leg and my back might come from my desk / office chair combination. And although both are high quality and ergonomic designed (my desk is from fortschritt and my office chair is a giroflex 64) I think they might just not be right for my size. Well, it only took me only 7 years to figure this out...but better late than never, right? I instantly moved my monitors to the straight side of the desk (my desk is shaped like the Galant Corner Desk left from IKEA and I used to sit on the side with the corner) and switched desk chairs. And while this setup is noticeably better for my back and my leg, it is only a temporary solution. So we paid several visits to IKEA last week and I did a lot of researching on the internet...and here are some of my favorite home office inspirations and ideas so far...
Home Office Inspirations and IdeasHome Office Inspirations and IdeasHome Office Inspirations and IdeasHome Office Inspirations and Ideas

Products (top to bottom):
Desk Lamp Step from Bolia
Analogue Wall Clock Flap from habitat
Desk Labora from Bolia
Work Table Lamp in Yellow from BoConcept
Work Lamp Forsa from IKEA
Armchair Nils from IKEA
Slipcovers for Armchair Nils from BEMZ
Table Top Manali & Oak Trestles Kusa from habitat
Armchair Mademoiselle from Kartell
Garland Lamp from habitat, designed by Tord Boontje for 25,00 € / on habitat.co.uk on sale for £ 16.00
Desk Lamp Antifoni from IKEA
Eames Plastic Side Chair DWS from vitra, available from connox for 309,00 €
Desk BESTÅ BURS from IKEA for 279,00 €
Desk Micke from IKEA for 69,00 €
Pendant Lamp Bristol from BoConcept for £299
Pendant Lamp Foto from IKEA for 29,99 € / $29,99
Aluminium Chair EA 105 from vitra, available from smow from 1433,00 €
Armchair Jefferson designed by Alexander Lervik for Kinnarps
Desk MOBYDISK from skandiform designed by Ruud Ekstrand
Desk Chair salida net from drabert available from Pape + Rohde starting from 437,82 €
Chairs Kevi from engelbrechts available in 9 colors

Interior Images are © and from (top to bottom):
(1) Bolia.com
(2) Bolia.com
(3) livingetc.com, FUNKY DRESSER STORAGE
(4) livingetc.com, GEOMETRIC BORDERS
(5) livingetc.com, INSPIRING STUDY
(6) livingetc.com, MODERN STORAGE
(7) livingetc.com, MUTED MIX
(8) livingetc.com, BRIGHT AND ORGANISED

All product images are © and from the manufacturers' websites.

I ♥ Sisterbrandt Interview on thesweetspot.dk

I heart SISTERBRANDT Interview on thesweetspot.dk

I adore the work of Sabine Brandt/Sisterbrandt ever since I found her website and her blog several years ago and have been folling her ever since. Her book covers and cookbook designs are an endless source of inspiration, especially since I'm dabbling more and more into book design myself lately. (If everything goes well my first cover design will be published in several months - but I don't want to jinx it...) So when she blogged this screenshot on her blog I had to click on the link to thesweetspot.dk right away. And not only did I find this lovely interview with her but also the awesome blog thesweetspot.dk - run by Laura Scheuer Trøstrup, who works as a product developer, desinger and stylist and runs her own company reFORM. At thesweetspot.dk she shares interior design tipps, shopping tricks, links, furniture finds,...be sure to visit both blogs if you don't know them yet...

Granny Wall Shelf by Beerd van Stokkum

Granny Wall Shelf by Beerd van Stokkum
Imagse from beerdvanstokkum.com, found via theofficestylist.com

Unfortunately there is no space in our apartment for some additional shelves...otherwise these floating Granny shelves by Beerd van Stokkum were definitely my first choice. They are available directly at beerdvanstokkum.com for 125,00 € + shipping per piece.

I'm not rich but my life is full...

Something I cut out from a magazine a while ago
Image taken by Mavis

I hope I always remeber this.

(If anyone knows the original source please let me know...)