habitat Favorites: For your table

White Porcelain + Gold Accents + Forest Animals + Pixel Style = PERFECT

habitat Favorites, Part 1: For your table
Images from habitat.de

New habitat website & online store

I'm a HUGE habitat fan for years now and I'm happy to see that they launched a new website and - most important - an online store. FINALLY! There is no habitat.de store in the south of Germany and everytime we've been to a city with a habitat store, like Duesseldorf, Hamburg (great habitat outlet store!), Strasbourg or Lyon, checking out the local habitat store was one of the first and one of my most favorite things to do.

So I can say that I am beyond excited that I can now shop at habitat from home. Plus they have a huge sale going on right now and offer free delivery for home accessory orders over 50 €, too. So it's definitely worth to check out their new website / online store at habitat.de or habitat.co.uk. Especially since the website is pretty nice itself, too.

I am going to post some of my favorite habitat.de items within the next days...phew, that's going to be hard since I could pretty much buy every single piece habitat.de has ever made...

New habitat website

Rugs from heine.de

When I looked online for rugs (I'm still not sure whether to keep the rug for our living room we got two weeks ago at IKEA or not) I stumbled upon heine.de. Never ever would I have thought of heine when it comes to buying a rug. Biiiiiiig mistake when I see these pretty rugs and Kelims. Have a look at heine.de for the details and even more rugs...

Rugs from heine.de
Images from heine.de

ePure phone by swissvoice

Well desinged phones are a rarity...I'm not talking of cell phones but landline phones. In the early nineties when I got my own line I had to have one of these babies. A swatch twin phone! Anyone remember these? I loved it! Nowadays I probably wouldn't call it a design highlight but compared to the phones back then it definitely was. Eventually it was replaced by a Siemens cordless gigaset phone because, cordless was the way to go. I hated it. The battery was always low. And it was beeping for HOURS whenever the battery was low which was, well, ALWAYS. It was heavy as small dumbbell.
For the last 10 years two BeoCom 6000 from Bang & Olufsen have served me well. And even though one has gone kaput over the years it is definitely the best phone I've ever had. But honestly I'm not willing to invest several hundred in a new landline phone at this point. So the ePure phone by swissvoice looks like a worthy successor. It's costs a mere 70 € and I think the retro inspired yet modern design looks good on almost every desk. Or even in your living room...

Available at memo.de.

ePure by swissvoice
Images from www.swissvoice.net

Pretty things: Miix Spoon Set from MoMA STORE

These pretty spoons from Chi-Wing Lee available exclusively at MoMA STORE are definitely on top of my Christmas Wish List.
Miix Spoon Set
Image from momastore.org
Perfect for dessert or coffee, these teaspoons are made of fine bone china and have a traditional handle design. The white handles are unglazed and the spoon tips are dipped in glazes of assorted colors. Dishwasher- and microwave-safe. Set of five.

IKEA PS Maskros Pendant Lamp

It took us almost 2 weeks but we finally managed to assemble our shiny, new and GORGEOUS Maskros Pendant Lamp from IKEA. I've been in love with this lamp since I saw the first images on the internet more than a year ago but there was no way to put this huge lamp up in our living room. But then some weeks ago I heard the rumors on the internet that IKEA brings out a smaller version of it...and not very long after the first rumors I saw it in our local IKEA. And I instantly grabbed the chance and bought it. The small Maskros lamp is about 55 cm (21.5 inch) in diameter and retails for 49,00 € at IKEA Germany. It was much easier and faster to assemble than I thought. And I absolutely LOOOOOVE it.
IKEA PS Maskros Pendant Lamp
All images © Corinna Haselmayer