Cupcake Plates by Michelle Miller

Cupcake Plates by Michelle Miller available from cakespy
I want some all of these Cupcake Plates by Michelle Miller so badly. They are available at

Tombola at - Win a personalized adress stamp

Tombola at
Rike of bastisRIKE is having a tombola over at her blog She is giving away one of these gorgeous adress stamps. So head over to her blog NOW and leave a comment as this is all you have to do to enter the giveaway.

Hello there...

...yes, I know I have totally ignored my blog for several weeks. But honestly I didn't feel like talking AT ALL. I needed some time to sort my thoughts and figure things out. But even if I have stayed silent here I haven't been completely inactive blogwise (although the heat was exhausting and all I wanted to do was taking endless naps in the dimmed living room) and I started a litlle tumblr blog where I posted the snapshots I've taking during the past weeks. I hope to upload some snapshots of my everyday life there on a regular basis...and, please, somebody slap me if I ever take part into the tumblr-reblogging-madness. (I know I have said more than once that i do not like tumblr. But I figured out that the reason I do not like it is how it is used....I do not like the endless reblogs without stating the original source of an image/artwork...but it suits my needs perfectly to post some snaps or share a link whenever I feel like sharing something but not like talking. Hence I call it my quick-n-dirty blog.) Here are some of the shots I've taken or you can always head over to

So, basically, all I wanted to do is say hi...