The Granturismo Donna bike from ABICI ITALIA - perfect for spring


Isn't the Granturismo Donna bike from ABICI ITALIA the PERFECT bike for spring? Now that spring is finally here and the days are warm and sunny I dream of living by the sea and riding to the beach with my mint Grandturismo bike ...

But the 4 new Pantone colored bikes are pretty cute, too!

You can buy the ABICI bikes from (German only).

Furniture Favorites: Bolia Less Sofa

Bolia Less Sofa

I wish we were in need of a new sofa and I therefore had a reason to buy this awesome sofa with a chaise lounge from Bolia. It's the Less sofa and it's on sale (50% off!!!) this week at

Magazine Love: donna hay magazine & delicious magazine

I plead guilty for severe magazine addication. And I spend definitely way too much money on these two magazines today - the latest issues of donna hay magazine and delicious magazine but I can't help...I just love food magazines too much.

For the world with love: Get green power

No, after much consideration I decided not to chime in and join the bloggers day of silence of Don't get me wrong, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, go to ShelterBox USA and donate for the victims of Japan as the initiators of suggested. ShelterBox is a great thing! Or donate to the Red Cross.

BUT I honestly think it is not the time to stay silent.

Do educate yourself about how to get green electricity - Ökostrom for those of you living in Germany. We will sign up for green power today! I know, we should have done this a long time ago...but today is finally the day to get 100% green power!

Or do join the anti-nuclear movement (Anti-Atomkraft-Bewegung).

Do not stay silent if your government still supports nuclear power!

We can not prevent earthquakes, tsunamis or hurricanes in the future BUT we may prevent further nuclear disasters like the one happening in Japan right now or the Chernobyl disaster. I am 32 years old and experienced two nuclear disasters! Two disasters too much!

For the world with love! For Japan with love!

Update: If you are interested, we signed up for green power and biogas with naturstrom. They are an independent electricity provider (we didn't want to buy our green power from a provider that sells nuclear power), the electricity comes 100% from renewable resources plus they invest a lot of money in new resources.

Thrift Store Finds

Thrift Store Finds

I just wanted to share my thrift store finds from yesterday. Some pretty plates, the cutest set of Babushka / Matryoshka dolls EVER (with a bird and berries painted on their bellies and lots of glitter! yay!), some cooking books (with hilarious food photos from the 80ties) and this beautiful piece of Japanese stitched fabric artwork (see below). Does anybody know more about this kind of artworks?

Thrift Store Finds

Snapshots of my weekend

Snapshots of my weekend

Of course I spend a fair amount of time this weekend watching the news coverage from the devastating earthquake / tsunami / nuclear catastrophe in take my mind of the terrible news I played a lot with Paxon...and then there was some work to be done on Saturday and some left over apple cake to be eaten (see the recipe of my Grandma's typical German apple cake at And of course I had to run to the news stand (actual to several) to get the new German jamie magazine after seeing it again and again on the internet. On Sunday evening we made some vegetarian tarte flambée (Flammkuchen)...and had to deal with a very hungry and very annoying but also very adorable cat ;-)

Day Bag from swedish hasbeens

Day Bay from swedish hasbeens

I need some color on this otherwise mostly gloomy and depressing day... so, how do you like this leather bag from the famous clog manufacturer swedish hasbeens? The pink Day Bag is my favorite!

Kelim Rugs by Sandra Figuerola from

Kelim rugs by Sandra Figuerola from
Images from

I'm not in need of a new rug but these Kelim rugs designed by Sandra Figuerola caught my eye. They are available at

Cute Cat Notebooks and Fabric Tapes from YOZOCRAFT

I discovered these über-cute cat notebooks from my Flickr contact YOZOCRAFT last week and instantly fell for them. Dosn't sweet cat remind you of Paxon? ;-)

Oh, and I take some of these pretty self-adhesive fabric tapes, too, please!

Images from

Available at Yes, they do ship internationally!

Fossil Weekender Bucket Handbag

Fossil Weekender Bucket Handbag
Images from

I am starting to develop a serious love/hate relationship with Fossil. I love all the gorgeous handbags they are making but I hate that I can not afford to buy ALL of them. So please, Fossil, stop making all these pretty bags I want!!!!* ;-) Especially ones like the new Weekender Bucket Handbag which looks like the perfect bag for spring. It's large enough to hold all my belongings incuding my DSLR camera or some notebooks. But on days you have less things to carry around you can easily flap parts of it over, attach the strap on the inside, and voilà, you have a smaller bag. Perfect! Plus, you can carry it like a tote bag or crossbody as it comes with a detachable strap plus a handle. And did I mention that it's gorgeous?

Available at, (it's on sale there!) or at

*No, of course you should not stop making those perfect handbags, Fossil. I would be lost with my beloved Fossil Key-Per Messenger bag. But I wouldn't say no either, if you decided to send some of them over...

Joanie teaware range by Ella Doran for habitat

Joanie teaware range by Ella Doran for habitat
Images from

I'm in love with the new Joanie teaware and linen range by Ella Doran for habitat. "The Joanie afternoon teaware range is inspired by Ella Doran's burgeoning collection of tea plates both from family heirloooms and charity shops, creating a collection that is playful and creative, and one that inspires lots of tea parties and home baking." (from

Available from or is habitat coming to the South of Germany? Nürnberg? Munich?

Thrift Store Find: Lamp with wire-frame lampshade - Yay or nay?

I found this small lamp two or three weeks ago at the thrift store for about 1,50 € and couldn't resist buying it because I thought that the lamp base was lovely. The wire-frame lampshade was hidden under a hideous beige plastic cover with a layer of brown/yellow lace. Ugh!

My initial thought was to recover the wired lampshade with some nice fabric...but the longer I have it uncovered the more I fall in love with the bare, crooked wire frame. It remindes me of the lamps I've seen some time ago on the website of sköna hem.

What do you think? Should I make a new lampshade for the lamp or leave it like this?