Krimi-Tausch - Crime/Thriller Bookcrossing

Caro of sodapop-design blog had the awesome idea to cross come crime novels/thrillers. So, I have these books to cross (sorry, German book only):

Karin Wahlberg/Der Tröster
Karin Wahlberg/Die falsche Spur
Carin Gerhardsen/Pfefferkuchenhaus (going to P in Berlin)
Simone van der Vlugt/Klassentreffen (already gone)
Andrea Vanoni/Im Herzen rein (going to P in Berlin)


Leave a comment or send an email if you are interested in any of these books. If anyone living in Germany has some crime novels in English to cross, please drop me a line! And now head over to Caro and see what she and her readers are giving away...


  1. Oh, wie lieb von dir Corinna! Ich bekunde hiermit Interesse an Klassentreffen im Tausch gegen Totenbuch! Wie schaut's?

  2. Super! Ist gebongt :-) Geht in den nächsten Tagen mit der Post an Dich raus...

  3. I'd love to swap for some german books - but unfortunately crimi's aren;t my thing.

  4. du liest ja flott... hui!

  5. hello frau, i just wanted to say thanks so much for your kind words on my blog...

    i wish i read german :)