Rearranging and a fresh start

After I set up my work space in the living room a little more than a year ago I actually never moved bavk. What was planned as a temporary solution turned into a permanent set up. And the room that was once my office turned more and more into a storage room. Now that work as gotten a little slower and now that we FINALLY finished renovating the kitchen buffet cabinet we decided it's time to change back rooms.

Hello from my new temporary work area in the living room
Temporary work area in the living room

But after some pondering and measuring and discussing we decided it makes more sense to turn my old office into our new living/TV room. And to turn the living room into my new office. This way I have finally more space and light (!) to take pictures. And I even might be able to set up a little client meeting table in the future...

Emptying my old roomAlmost empty...
My former office almost empty and waiting to be cleaned and painted...

All my art stuff and books in the livingroomMore stuff...I wish I had a storage room for all my crapBoxes, lamps, pillows, the couch,....
All my work and art stuff in the living room...ugh! Tons of work ahead!
So the following days will be spend rearranging, painting walls, sorting stuff, moving furniture,...I secretly wish someone would come over and pick up all the stuff I accumulated over the past year so that I could start free of junk into the new year. But I know this won't happen...however this will be a fresh start anyway! A much needed fresh start! All the stuff and clutter and the temporary work area in our living room started to wear me out. Left me back feeling overwhelmed and dissatisfied with our current working/living situation yet unable to change anything. So, I have no idea how everything turns out and if I will like it in the end but at least it'll be some change. A fresh start.


  1. Nice to meet you! You had added me through Flickr and I decided to pay your blog a visit as well. Liking all of the photography so far, and the cats of course ;) I keep a blog as well but so far only in Finnish - I'm thinking it might need to go bilingual at some point though...

    I will surely check back :)

    Piia Anneli

  2. Oh toll, solche Aufräum- Umräum- und Renovieraktionen machen Spaß, gell? Vor allem, wenn man fertig ist und sein Werk bestaunen kann ;o)

    Du arbeitest im kreativen Bereich? Hast du es gut. Was genau machst du denn, wenn ich fragen darf?
    Ich verbringe jede freie Minute mit Fotografieren und Dekorieren, und nebenbei versuche ich halbherzig, mein blödes Medizinstudium zu beenden. Falsche Jobwahl^^

    Alles Liebe!