The August Break: Last Monday in August in pictures

This is what my Monday looked like...

Off to a Monday morning client meetingPolaroid cameras at the Thriftstore

I headed off to a morning meeting with a client. Hit the thrift store afterwards...saw some pretty Polaroid cameras...

Sequin glittery dressesTiesFancy dressing gown

...some hideous sequined dresses, ties and dressing gowns...

Fancy TeapotVases

...and fancy orange teapot that I kind of regret not having bought. And lots of vases...

New IKEA catalog! Yay!Nap-time

...on my way home I found a stack of brand new IKEA catalogues next to a mail distribution box and took the chance and grabbed one. Afterwards the cat and I took an extended nap and I decided to take the rest of the day off because I didn't feel well....

SCOTCH NATURALS - Non-toxic, eco-friendly water-based nail polish

SCOTCH NATURALS is the first non-toxic nail polish with a water-based formula. Scotch Naturals nail polish is vegan, cruelty-free, fragrance-free, toxin-free, hypoallergenic and biodegradable. AND it comes in 17 gorgeous colors! I love every single one! Plus the packaging is awesome, too!

Available at (US, $14.99 each) or (Germany, 14,99 € Stück).
Top (from left to right): Tartan Swizzle, On the rocks, Neat
Second row: Whisper, Leprechaun Lynch, Caleigh
Third row: Heather Blush, Ceasefire, Hot Toddy
Bottom: Highland Mist, Kiltlifter, Black Tartan
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StickyGram - Turn your Instagram images into magnets

Anyone out there having an invite for StickyGram for me? StickyGram is a new printing service that turns your Instagram photos into cute little magnets. How cool is that?! Just upload your Instagram images and 9 magnets (each 5 by 5 cm) will be printed and delivered to you. Plus they offer worldwide free shipping! Only drawback is that it's currently on invitation only. :-(

StickyGram - Turn your Instagram images into magnetsStickyGram - Turn your Instagram images into magnets
StickyGram - Turn your Instagram images into magnetsStickyGram - Turn your Instagram images into magnets
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The August Break: DIY Projects

Finally found the energy to tackle some neglected, half-done DIY projects like re-doing the old kitchen buffet I acquired back in May (What? Did really alredy pass a quater of a year?) and to spray paint my newly thrifted lamp base (not without painting mishaps though, see how the paint chips off in the last picture?! Ugh!)...

Pretty Packaging Ideas: DIY Confetti Giftwrap

Monica from 3@12 shared the most beautiful gift wrapping idea on her blog. She wrapped the present for her friend in brown Kraft paper (sold as Packpapier in Germany), used some double sided tape and sprinkeld it with multicolored confetti made from art paper. Done! I ♥ it! It's simple, yet cute and playful. Plus it's super easy and a packaging idea that doesn't require advanced bow tying skills (which I don't have)...

DIY colorfoul IKEA sideboard (aka Fauxdenza)

I need some color today after this pretty crappy day...I found this awesome DIY sideboard or Fauxdenza on LIVET HEMMA - IKEA's interor design blog. (For those of you having no idea what a Fauxdenza is, check out this post on

This sideboard is made of painted Ivar cabinets mounted to the wall with a wooden (kitchen) countertop. It's like Christina's colorful bench turned into a piece of living room furniture. It screams summer. I need some happy furniture! Furniture that makes me smile everytime I look at it! I wish I hade some space left for a Fauxdenza like this - I would definitely build one for myself.

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The August Break: August 4th to August 6th

Even more cleaningCleaning
August 4th: Cleaning

Lots of PastaI spotted a pretty Grana Padano packaging while shopping
Snapshots from a trip to the wholesaler on Friday, August 5th. Isn't the Grana Padano packaging on the right prety?

More magazinesMagazines
Bought some magazines (jamie and Living at Home) on Saturday, August 6th

Reginette with Ragù alla Bolognese

ReginetteReginette with Ragu alla Bolognese
Some more images from Wednesday, August 3rd: Reginette or Mafaldine (one of my favorite Pasta) with Ragù alla Bolognese

On my table today

On my deskBreakfast
HKS N color swatch book on my desk, my breakfast (a left-over donut and a glass of milk) on the kitchen table.

On our balcony

First home-grown radishesMarjoram
First home-grown radishes ever, Marjoram, Basil and Parsely

August Break

I'm taking part in the August Break. The plan for the August Break is to share one or more photos each day in August- or whenever I feel like sharing. A plan that I don't have to stick to?! That sounds like a good plan. I have quite a few deadlines in August (like tomorrow for example) but I try to take some snaps of my everyday life each day in August and share them here...

So here are my first two images from August, 1st:

Old-fashioned Sour Cream Glazed DonutsChili Sauces
Homemade Olf-Fashioned Sour Cream Donuts from Lara Ferroni's book Doughnuts: Simple and Delicious Recipes to Make at Home (buy it!!! - it's an awesome little book with great recipes and beautful pictures), Chili Sauces from today's dinner: Potstickers