Citroën DS3 by Orla Kiely

Citroën teamed up with Orla Kiely and created a limited edition of the 500 DS3s. UNFORTUNATELY the Citroën DS3 by Orla Kiely is only available in the UK! (Why Citroën, seriously why?) The car is available in Orla Kiely's signtaure Multi Stem roof design (in white) and with a Spot Stem roof (in metallic grey) as well as in two variations of her acorn pattern (Green and Multi Acorn). I'm not much into cars but this one makes me want to sell ours (a Peugeot Partner) and get an Orla Kiely Citroën DS3 instead.

Or can I at least have these pretty brown stem pattern floor mats, Citroën?

Or the headrest covers? Aren't those perfect? Citroën, please bring this Orla Kiely car to Germany!

Can't stop listening to...Lana del Rey

"Sometimes a recording artist will just sneak up on you out of the blue and take over your entire brain."* This is exactly what happened last night. I couldn't sleep and was aimlessly surfing the web when I stumbled over Lana del Rey - and was completely taken by her. By the sound of her voice. Her videos (which she puts together herself from old movie clips, cartoons and video footoage shot with a cheap camera !). Her look. Her aesthetics. EVERYTHING! I'm mesmerized. Hypnotized. In love!

Obviously her videos (three so far...Video Games, Blue Jeans and Kinda outta luck) made her way to the blogsphere some time a ago but I have never heard anything of her so far. No idea how this could happen?! Head over to her webite or her Youtube Channel to listen to her songs. Unfortunately they are not available yet but you can preorder them on iTunes. I'm off to listen to her songs for another 24481544554 times...

* from where you can also find a interview with Land del Rey

DIY - Thrift Store Lamp Makeover - Before & After

I found this lovely lamp a few weeks ago in my favorite thrift store - for 4 € / $ 5,50! So how could I not buy it despite the fact that it was anything else than perfect. The shade was old and made of ugly beige/brown fabric and the base was, well, too brown for my taste. And although I had a totally different shade in my mind when I bought it I think it turned out pretty cute...

I picked up a large Skimra lamp shade for 6,99 € / $ 9.00 at IKEA and spray painted the base white. Thankfully we had a cable with switch in white (!) from some broken IKEA Grundtal kitchen sports a left and S rewired the lamp for me. So the lamp including the makeover cost me a little more than 10 €. I found an old price tag on the bottom which says 64,00 (DM) which is about 30,00 €. But back in the days (I guess the lamp is from the 70ties according to the fabric and switch!?) 64,00 DM where A LOT of money for a little table lamp. It's from a company called BIKO Leuchten which I have never heard of before...but I really like when there comes some information, a little story with a thrift store find. It makes me wonder where my finds have lived before...

Getting ready for Fall...with Stripes

Getting ready for Fall...with StripesGetting ready for Fall...with Stripes Sources: Striped Cotton Scarves from for 16,50 € / Cloud Blue Striped Scarf from s.Oliver for 12,90 € / Dark Green Striped Shawl from s.Oliver for 7,90 € (on sale) / Kallia Bag in striped canvas and lime yellow leather details from milloo (etsy) for $75.00 / 3 Style, Light navy stripe and beige bag from BagyBAg (etsy) for $58.70 / STOCKHOLM Yellow and white XL French Messenger with 8 pockets from ikabags (etsy) for $59.00 / STOCKHOLM Messenger/Diaper Bag Ticking Navy and Ecru Stripes from ikabags (etsy) for $59.00 / Blue/White Striped Scarf from H&M for 14,95 EUR / Striped Fleece Backpacks from POKETO for $58.00 /Kallisto bag in stripe canvas and orange leather from milloo (etsy) for $96.00

Getting ready for Fall...with wedge ankle boots from ECCO and Clarks

Where did summer go? Where did this year go? I have no idea! But suddenly it is September, Fall is around the corner and I feel so ready for some darker, neutral colors: browns, taupe, tinted greys, greige, dark charcoal...

Ever since I disvovered the Shiver Wedge ankle boots from ECCO last year I want a pair of these SO BADLY. They are like the perfect boots for me. Ankle height. A small wedge heel but not too high. Comfortable! Last year I tried to score a pair on sale but, well, they never went on sale. And before I could grab a pair they were sold out everywhere! Bummer! I regretted not having bought them all winter and spring! The happier I am now to see that the ECCO Shiver Wedge boots are back. Plus they are even cheaper at this year! Double-Score!

Besides the Shiver Wedges from ECCO I also found a couple other pretty wedge boots from Clarks and Gabor...
  Getting ready for Fall...with wedge ankle boots from ECCO, Gabor and Clarks Top (left, right) Ecco Shiver Wedge in Coffee, Clarks Marylin Zoe
Second row (left, right): Ecco Shiver Wedge in Warm Grey, Clarks Mews Buzz
Third row (left, right): Gabor Wedge Boots in Elefante, Ecco Shiver Wedge in Black
Fourth row (left, right): Clarks Mew Buzz, Clarks Hazelnut Ice
Bottom row (left, right): Both ECCO Lakota - Does anybody know if these are available in Germany, too? The black Lakota boots with the soft sock lining are availabke at ECCO UK for £ 165.00.