Frage-Foto-Freitag / Five Fotos on Friday

Es ist wieder Zeit für den Frage-Foto-Freitag...bei Steffi gibt's wie immer die Mister Links Liste mit allen Teilnehmern...
It's Frage-Foto-Freitag time again...head over to Steffi for the Mister Linky list with all participating bloggers...

1. Was machst du Ostern? / What are you doing this easter holiday?
Diese Eier bemalen...habe ich schon vor über einem Jahr versprochen... /
Paint these eggs...something I promised someone more than a year ago...
What are you doing this easter holiday? Paint these eggs... #fragefotofreitag

2. Was ist dir peinlich? / What makes you feel embarrassed?
Die Wäscheberge im Wohnzimmer /
The piles of laundry in our living room
What makes you feel embarrased? #fragefotofreitag

3. Was naschst du gerade? / Sweets you are currently snacking on?
Frisch gebackenes Brot mit Nutella /
Fresh, home-baked bread with Nutella
Fresh bread with Nutella

4. Die eine DVD, die zuverlässig gegen schlechte Tage hilft? / The one DVD that helps you get through bad days?
Ich schaue keine DVDs...aber ich blättere gerne in meiner Zeitschriftensammlung /
I don't watch any DVDs...but I love to go through my magazines
DVD that helps you get through bad days? No DVDs here...but I love magazines? #fragefotofreitag

5. Was hat dich diese Woche froh gemacht? / What made you happy this week?
Die Hilfe und Unterstützung von @lichtkriegerin /
The kindness and help I received from @lichtkriegerin
What made you happy this week? The kindness and help of @lichtkriegerin #fragefotofreitag #fffreitag

Orla Kiely Cake and Biscuit Tin Collection

I have mentioned more than once that I love all things Orla Kiely. So I guess it's no surprise that I love Orla Kiely's new collection of cake and biscuit tins...especially the solid-colored caddy tins with Orla Kiely's sigature stem pattern embossed (on the left) make me swoon. The tin sets are available at or at Prices range from £18.00 to £35.00 for a set of 4 or 5 nesting tins.
From left to right: Linear Stem Caddy Tin for £18.00 / Set of 4 Biscuit and Cracker Tins for £35.00 / Two tins of the Linear Stem Canister Tins Set of 3 for £22.00 / Three tins of the Set of 5 Round Nesting Cake Tins for £35.00
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Frage-Foto-Freitag / Five Fotos on Friday

Heute mache ich endlich mal bei Steffis und Okkas Frage-Foto-Freitag mit. Jeden Freitag stellen Steffi oder Okka 5 Fragen, die mit jeweils einem Foto beantwortet werden....hier meine 5 Fotos für heute. This Friday I finally managed to take part in Steffi's und Okka's Frage-Foto-Freitag. Each Friday Steffi or Okka ask 5 questions and everyone paricipating answers each question with a photo instead of words. So here are my 5 photos for today...

1. Was bringt dich zum Lächeln? /What makes you smile?

2. Ein Erbstück? / Something I inherited...
Something I inherited... #fragefotofreitag

3. Wie fühlst du dich heute? / How do you feel today?
How I feel today... #fragefotofreitag

4. Dein Lieblingseinkauf des Monats? / My favorite purchase this month?
My favorite purchase this month... #fragefotofreitag

5. Deine Bücher...? / Your books...?
My books... (well, some of them) #fragefotofreitag

Prettypegs - New colorful legs for your IKEA furniture

The second I saw these colorful and fun replacement legs for IKEA furniture I thought: BRILLIANT! The next second I thought: Why didn't anyone think earlier of this?! And: Why didn't I think of this? Prettypegs is a Swedish company (not really a surprise, right?) that offers a variety of legs to chose from for IKEA sofas and bed. Plus they also offer their legs with an universal fitting plate which allows you to add a personal touch to any other furniture, too!
At least half of the furniture I acquired in recent years was bought off ebay, at the thrift-store or given to me for free via the freecycle mailing list. And my old Bonde sideboard and TV unit are living with our friends now. By the way the Bonde sideboard would look rad with some coloful legs from Prettypegs, too...I can totally see them not only on sofas and beds! I believe in recycling and revamping old furniture. I would never throw out a piece of furniture just because it has gone out of fashion. But I can understand that with time one can get tired of always looking at the same pieces of furniture. And while I love DIY projects there's stuff I don't want to do myself. Like sewing a new slipcover for my couch (Thank you Bemz for another ingenious idea!) Or like carving some pretty wooden legs. OK, if you are one lucky DIY'er you might find some old piece of furniture with pretty legs in the thrift store, saw off the legs, paint them and mount them to your sofa or bed...but hontestly this requires lots of luck plus quite some effort. So much easier to order a set of Prettypegs and a Bemz slipcover to change to look of your sofa or bed...

Now I only need to find a company that sells recplacement sitting cushions for IKEA sofas as mine is pretty worn out...

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Today's thrift store finds: Vintage bakeware, kitchen tools & a globe

After an exhausting meeting at our tax accountant I took the chance to make a little detour to my favorite thrift store...where I fund these lovely things: an enamel measuring cup, a small yellow plastic bowl, a vintage tin globe (love it! it even has plane routes and little planes on it! and the colors are perfect!), a medium sized cake tin (for Brioche I guess although a Brioche usually doesn't have a hole in the middle...well, I really like it...), six small vintage tartelette pans and some more kitchen tools...

My thrift store lootVintage toy globe made of tin
Small vintage plastic bowlVintage tartelette pans and an old brioche (?) tin

Not that I have an iPhone I snapped some images inside the thriftstore...I might go back tomorrow and get these bowls with the blue pattern if they are still there...

ThriftingHipster glasses anyone?

12 von 12 / 12 on 12th of March 2012

My 12 images from March, 12th...

Started the day early to repark the car and used the chance to get some mini donuts...I had two of them for breakfast and did some planning for this week.
Mini DonutsPlanning this week #12on12th #12von12

This is the first 12 on 12th with my own iPhone! S got himself a new one and I inherited his old 3GS! FINALLY! I really felt like the last person on this planet without a smart phone. Took some photos with my iPhone (did I mention I have my very own iPhone now?) of the mess I made in the kitchen while repotting the basil I bought on Saturday.
My first #12on12th with my own iPhone...this means also lots of charging due to my heavy instagram usage #12von12Making some major mess while repotting the basil I bought on Saturday #12von12 #12on12th

Back at my desk I noticed that there are some construction workers on the house across the street that are able to watch me working. Oops, no unwatched nose-picking today ;-) My night was way too short so I took a nap and had a second breakfast...
Ooops, I'm not used to people being able to watch me at my desk #12on12th #12von12Late 2nd breakfast #12von12 #12on12th

Before we headed out of the house I took a bath. As soon as I enter the bath tub my toes miraculously turn into little fishies that Mini needs to catch! By all means these fishies have to be caught! Hehe! It's one of Mini's favorite activities and so much fun to watch! Afterwards we drove to IKEA where we had a little table soccer match that I gloriously lost while until it's our turn at the service desk to return something...
Catching my toes while I am in the tub is one of Mini's all time favorite things to do #12on12th #12von12At IKEA playing table soccer while waiting until it's our turn to return something #12von12 #12on12th

When at IKEA I never miss the chance to have a look if there are any bargains in the Fundgrube. There were but now I already bought my Besta shelves...grrr! Before heading home we stopped at the supermarket and stocked up our pasta supplies!
Fundgrube at IKEA #12on12th #12von12Stocking up our Pasta supplies #12on12th #12von12

On our way home we got some overpriced gas. What's up? Why is gas so damn expensive these days? Anyway, at home we made some of the pasta we bought with Bolognese sauce.
Getting overpriced gas #12von12 #12on12thPapardelle Bolognese #12on12th #12von12

And because I loved the packaging of the Papardelle so much, I add a 13th image...I didn't even realize that there is a heart in the packaging until I opened it. Unfortunatly the packaging is not this pretty from the outside as it is from the inside when opened. I'd love the redesign it though keeping the heart ♥
Love the Pasta packaging
Oh, and did I mention that these images were taken with MY iPhone? ;-)