12 von 12 / 12 on 12th of April 2012

What? Already the 12th of April? The past four weeks haven't been my favorite weeks of this year so far...lots of unpleasant stuff going on (family AND business-wise which both sucked big time!) and each day felt awfully long...yet somehow I managed to get through it all and now all of a sudden it's aldreay Mid-April.

I started the day with a slice of cheesecake and Paxon wished he could have, too!
CheesecakePaxon hoping that I drop some cheesecake #12on12th #12von12All gone... #12von12 #12on12th

After breakfast I finished some client work that needs to be send out tomorrow with Mini on my arms...
Cuddling with Mini while working #12on12th #12von12Working #12on12th #12von12

While reorganizing some boxes in my office I found my old watercolor paintboxes that were in desperate need of some cleaning after sitting untouched for more than 10 years. I cleaned them and plan to put them away tomorrow until they fall into my hands again in 10 or so years. And, yes, back in school I was into graffiti and and amateurishly 'tagged' my stuff...well, I have no clue why!? It's quite embarrassing!
Cleaned all my watercolor paintboxes #12on12th #12von12My old paintbox back from when I was in school...yes, I was into graffiti back then and amateurishly 'tagged' my stuff....quite embarrassing... #12von12 #12on12thKORY

And I FINALLY managed to hang some of the paintings on the living room wall above our couch today! After, what? 2 months? 3 months? I need to go get some more nails and hang the remaining images/frames...
Finally started to hang the images in the livingroom #12von12 #12on12thHalfway done

Framed and hung another print in the hallway. It's by Larissa Bertonasco - one of my favorite illustrators. For dinner I prepared some Beef Bulgogi/Teriyaki dish where I added some Chilifäden (what are they called in English? Chile Threads?).
Another image I framed and hung today...by one of my favorite illustrators Larissa Bertonasco #12von12 #12on12thPreparing dinner #12on12th #12von12

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  1. der lcuehn sieht ja fantastisch aus! und die bilderwand gefällt mir auch sehr!

    liebe grüße

  2. Chili strands? No idea, but LOVE your pics!

  3. Uhi tolle 12 von 12 Bilder sind das...das schwarze Fellknäul erinnert mich an M.'s letzten Fellschatz....Danke für deine lieben Worte! Die abgebildete Tasche ist jedoch wieder zurück geschickt worden...zu groß, quer getragen gar net schön. Ich habe mich nun für ein anderes Modell in heller Farbe entschieden....Post folgt wenn sie da ist :) Das Leder ist auf jeden Fall ganz toll. Butterweich. Das lieb ich. Allerliebst und eine schöne Woche! Liebe Grüße Bianca