Happy Easter

...and sorry Anita Jeram (the illustrator of Guess How Much I Love You) for borrowing your bunny design*. I haven't painted any easter eggs in probably 20 years. When I was younger I used to paint easter eggs every year, mostly copying illustrations from children's books and such. Last year a family friend broke one of the eggs I gave her back then and she made me promise to paint a new egg for her. Sigh! I haven't touched my water colors in years! But, here I am more than a year late (oops!) painting easter eggs (ok, one!) like I used to do as a kid...and wishing I could come up with my own ideas/illustrations.

Hope all of you are having some days off and wishing you a happy easter weekend! (Did you paint some eggs, too?)

Painting an easter egg...wish I could come with my own ideas and copy othersEaster egg half colored in
Easter egg done and ready to give away tomorrowMöhren
*Note: I reproduced Anita Jeram's work (Well, kind of. At least I tried to...) for a personal gift for a friend. I am not selling this easter egg and would never use others' illustrations commercially without permission and/or paying for.


  1. Oh, this is super cute and sweet! I have never painted an egg, maybe next year... This time we tried natural dyes from food, and they came out pretty well. But I love this sweet bunny in the carrot patch!

  2. Das Ei sieht wirklich toll aus! Frohe Ostern!

  3. OMG! That is adorable! What colors did you use?

  4. wunderschön! herzliche Grüsse aus Paris!

  5. I love that fat happy bunny! its sooo cute!!!
    And I didnt know Anita's work, gonna check it out!