Neon Pink

Finally stared to use the neon pink acrylic paint I bought months ago...after growing up in the 80ties I thought I'd never like or use neon colors again. During the past 20 years I avoided everything neon like the plague but after seeing neon pink things popping up here and there in the blogsphere over the past few months I kind of grew on me again. Especially if used sparingly in artworks or for furniture details...NOT for clothes! Seriously who misses neon pink cycling pants?

So on the weekend I painted a small wooden frame for my living room picture wall neon pink. Not sure yet what will go in there but I already love it although the pink makes my eyes hurt. And I also painted some abstract piece and a neon pink rose inspired by an artist I found some time ago on the internet but whose name I can't remember for god's sake. I was 100% sure I bookmarked his site but I can't find it anymore...Anybody any ideas of the artist's name painting huge roses with dripping paint?

Neon pink frame for my living room wall Framed Neon pink rose


  1. I have the same problem with fashion relics from the 80's. Acid washed any one? Shudder. Did you use the Plasti-Kote paint? I stood in front of it at Hornbach last week. They have so many great colors, but I just can't make up my mind what color to paint the stool. It will probably end up black. Ha!
    No idea on the artist with the dripping roses. Sorry. Really like the pieces you painted though.

  2. same with me. i really wonder what the internet does to my the moment i am really into black - bought black chairs, and would like to paint a wall black (but i can´t since i´m not living alone in this flat).
    and i bought some neon hair ties yesterday.
    if you told me both two years ago, i never would have done it. but now, i´m happy with it...

  3. Love the hot pink! I'm obsessed with it right now too. Even bought a neon pink t-shirt and that after swearing in the 80ies that I'll never wear anything neon again ;)