Week 22 with instagram

I hereby officially declare that regular blogging and I are not made for each other. At least not if there's no pressure behind it. So I don't know yet if will be a good idea or a complete failure if I plan (I won't promise anything) to post a weekly recap of my week with instagram each Sunday, like Merle and Nina do. Anyway, I just give it a try and here's what I did this week.

Found an old calligraphy practice sheet while cleaning up...must be almost 20 years ago when I wrote these lines......Tuesday's office lunch
I started this week with a day off from my new temp job and took the chance to clean out my office/studio/room...as if I dindn't have enough time during the past months I had to do this when things got really busy around here...Tuesday I spend in the office at my temp job.

From today's photoshootBeetroot carpaccio
On Wednesday I had a photo shooting in a restaurant...I ♥ food photography! It's probably my most favorite thing to do EVER and sometimes I still can't believe I get paid to do something I enjoy this much!

Thursday's office lunchBavette Bolognese was waiting for me when I came home...
Thursday was spent out of my home office at my temp job. And when I came home in the evening this plate of Bavette Bolognese was waiting for me!

Mini taken by @herr_haseNot sure what's going on here...
Not sure why I didn't snap any pictures on Friday but S sent my this cute image of Mini! I spent Friday at the temp job office as well followed by a visit at our friends. Not sure what Paxon and Mini were up to on Saturday morning ;)

FINALLY managed to pack some magazines for machetwas.blogspot.com and another parcel for a friend...Strawberries with milk and cream
On Saturday I FINALLY managed to pack some magazines for LeLo from machetwas.blogspot.com and another parcel for a friend that both have been sitting here for two weeks...Strawberries were my main food this weekend. Strawberries is with lots of milk and some cream is my favorite way of eating them.

SashimiI need to get some work done but then this happened...
Today I had some Sushi and Sashimi made from the salmon I bought yesterday. The rest of the salmon is curing in the fridge...my first time ever making home-cured Gravlax. I tried to get some work done this evening but then Mini occupied my arm again ;-)


  1. Auch wenn Du nicht regelmaessig postest ich komme immer gerne auf Deinen Blog! Mir macht es Spass am Ende der Woche ein Resuemee der vergangenen Woche zu ziehen und noch mal die Instagram Bilder der Vorwoche anzuschauen. Ich wuensche Dir ein schoenes Wochenende!

  2. looks like a great week filled with amazing food :) what an interesting way to eat strawberries, I'll have to try it sometime :) the pictures of the cats are adorable!