Week 23 with instagram

I started Monday turing down a job offer for a permanent position in order to persue freelancing and photography. I spent lots of time thinking about taking the job or not but I want to concentrate on my own clients and focus on my food photography work. When I came home this evening I found an inquiry for a huge photo project in my inbox...I have no idea if it works out or not but it feels like I made the right decision. On Monday evening the light was beautiful outside...

Walking to my car after work on Tuesday...

Wednesday I had a day off from work and went for a little shopping spree. Well, I wish I hadn't as it was quite an unpleasant experience. The sales woman came 3 times into the changing room while I was trying on clothes. Unsolicited. I told her 3 times that I don't need her help and that I tell her if I need her but she kept coming back again and again. WTF!? I wrote a letter of complaint to the clothing store telling them that others might appreciate the sales woman's dedication but I prefer not being bothered in the changing room. I haven't heard back from them yet.

Paxon thinks my bread with cheese smells fantastic...
Thursday was a public holiday where I live which I spent at home with the kitties...Paxon was probably a little too interested in the cheese on my bread!

On Friday I was back at the office. For lunch I had some home baked whole grain/carrot bread.

Saturday was the only day of the week where I didn't work. And besides from hitting the thrift store I did basically nothing all day. This is what I brought home from the thrift store. Lots of cutlery...tow Lufthansa forks and two knives...the little ceramic plant head/vase/guy that has been sitting at the thrift store for weeks...and lots of other kitchen stuff/props.

Spent last night editing images...
On Sunday I was working all day. Among other things I was editing the images from last weeks food shooting. I'm off to the kitchen and need to find something to eat ;)


  1. Oh Mann, bei deinem Job wäre ich glaube ich dauerhungrig :)! Viel Erfolg für die Selbstständigkeit! Liebe Grüße, Fee

  2. Oder besser für die Entscheidung sie fortzusetzen. Ist wohl schon zu spät zum denken :)!

  3. @FeeMail: Danke :) Ja, da bekommt man schon öfter Appetit, aber meistens muss es so schnell gehen, da kommt man gar nicht zum Essen. Beim Nachbearbeiten bekommt man dann aber echt öfter mal Hunger!

  4. Finds grad spannend zu sehen, dass Du Deine Bilder auch mit Lightroom bearbeitest. Oder zumindest importierst :-)
    Lieben Gruß in die Küche!