Say NO to ACTA!

First SOPA and PIPA and now ACTA (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement)? Probably you have no idea what I am talking about and think I have turned into a crazy political activst? I have not. But I am a political person and I do believe in an open and free internet (which does not mean I support file sharing and copyright infringement!). I promise will eventually continue to share more fun things than this but if bills like SOPA/PIPA and ACTA pass and internet service providers are forced to control everything we do and share online there's probably not much to share on blogs anymore except some pictures of my cats...phew, at least Paxon can continue to ramble on the internet ;)...well, I may be dramatizing but there will be restrictions using blogging services, twitter, youtube and such. For sure. So if you care about the freedom of the internet, please take a minute or two and get informed. Oh, and ACTA is not only about the internet it's also about seed patents and generic drugs.

Auf (Das ACTA-Abkommen - Kampf gegen Piraterie oder Zensur?) wird erklärt, was ist ACTA ist und welche welche Auswirkungen es für Seiten wie YouTube bzw. für den Internetnutzer haben könnte?

Sign the petition at ACTA - The new threat to the net
Learn more about ACTA on
Watch ANTI-ACTA - What can you do? on youtube

Weitere Informationen/Links zu ACTA auf Deutsch:
SOPA goes ACTA: Der europäische Copyright-Blackout kommt noch! - Wer unterstützt ACTA und wie ist der Stand der Dinge? auf
ACTA: Die neue Gefahr fürs Netz Das Internet ist schon wieder in Gefahr
Was ist ACTA? - Video auf

SOPA? PIPA? - What the hell are you talking about?

If you have no idea what SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect IP Act) are about and why many sites, such as or, will be blacked out tomorrow, go educate yourself. Watch the video below and/or visit some of these links...

Read about the English Wikipedia anti-SOPA blackout
Fight for the Future
The Problem with SOPA (And How to Stop It) on

Noch nie von SOPA oder PIPA gehört? Auf findet Ihr viele Informationen "Warum SOPA auch uns angeht" und welche Auswirkungen SOPA/PIPA auf Europa bzw. Nutzer von Social Media Plattformen, wie Twitter, Facebook, etc., (und somit auch auf deutsche Blogger!) haben könnte...

Hier findet Ihr die Erklärung, warum die englischsprachige Wikipedia am 18. Januar aus Protest gegen SOPA für 24 Stunden abgeschaltet wird.

PROTECT IP / SOPA Breaks The Internet from Fight for the Future on Vimeo.

12 von 12 / 12 on 12th of January 2012

I FINALLY managed to take 12 pictures of my everyday life on the 12th of January 2012! I planned to take part in 12 von 12 in ages but somehow I always forgot or was too busy. Or too lazy. Anyway, here are my 12 picutures of the first 12th in the new year!

Morning cuddling with Mini #12von12 #12on12thEditing images #12on12th #12von12
Framing photos for our living room #12von12 #12on12thLate breakfast #12on12th #12von12
1. Morning cuddling with Mini, 2. Working on an ad for a client and editing images, 3. Framing photos for our living room, 4. Late breakfast

Planning our grocery shopping trip #12von12 #12on12thShopping list #12on12th #12von12
Went shopping to look for a new weekly planner #fail #12von12 #12on12thI think I go back to the book store later this week to get this cooking book by Johanna Maier #12on12th #12von12
1. Planning our grocery shopping trip and what we eat on the weekend with my new Martha Stewart Everyday Food - Great Food Fast cook book which I got for Christmas, 2. Writing my shopping list, 3. We went shopping to look for a new weekly planner for 2012 but I didn't find my beloved Cool Diary from teneues, 4. Saw the Meine Kochschule von Johanna Maier on sale and now regret not having bought it...I think I have to go back to the book store later this week and buy it. Johanna Maier has been on my amazon wishlist forever as she is one of my favorite cooks!

3 im Weckla #12von12 #12on12thGraffiti
Dinner #12on12th #12von12Cuddling kitties on the couch next to me #12von12 #12on12th
1. Had a little snack in town: "3 im Weckla" (3 Nuremberger bratwurste in a roll) - a typical Frankonian snack, 2. Graffiti near the Bratwurst vendor, 3. Dinner: Goat cheese in Serrano ham with arugula salad, 4. Sepnding my evening on the couch with the cuddling got to see them sleeping like this for the 3rd evening in a row!

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Lamp options for my new office

I'm currently sourcing lamp options for my new office (our former living room). Right now there is still the IKEA Maskros pendant lamp hanging in the middle of the room...totally misplaced. I narrowed it down to the following options...and I am either leanding towards a ceiling lamp in the middle of the room or a pendant lamp to hang over my desk. I really love the Classic pendant lamp with a pink textile cord from N.U.D. Collection and I plan to hang it over my desk but I'm afraid I might be blinded by it. My second choice is the rosette shaped ceiling lamp from but it's actually way over my budget (I didn't plan to spend more than 50 Euros on a new lamp...pretty hard, I know, as nice lamps are rare anyway!). Any other lamp ideas? Does anyone have a NUD pendant lamp and can you recommend it?

1. White pendant lamp from NORDAL available at for 49,90 EUR
2. FOTO pendant lamp from IKEA in white for 19,90 EUR
3. Artemide Teti lamp available at for 36,00 EUR
4. Pendant lamp from SEBRA available at for 44,90 EUR
5. Classic pendant lamp from N.U.D. Collection available at for 36,00 EUR
6. Ceiling rosette lamp from for 119,99 EUR

Happy 2012!

Happy 2012 from me, Paxon and Mini!

Happy 2012!Paxon
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