Black & Gold - The new IKEA ANGENÄM vases and dishes

I've been to IKEA a dozen times in the past week but I always only hit the Fundgrube (without success) and never took the time to stroll through the store (it was hoilday season and IKEA was awfully crowded...ugh!). So I totally missed the new Angenäm line - an oval bowl, a large dish and two vases - all made from hammered aluminum. Usually I'm not into black accessories (two weekends ago I just dumped some of my black furniture that was left from the early nineties and sat in my cellar compartment ever since) and I never thought that I will ever be again. And gold!? I never liked gold! (Says the girl who recently hung a huge golden painting frame in our corridor!) I don't plan to buy any black or golden furniture but I'm not sure if I can resist this pretty, pretty bowl or one of the vases when I hit IKEA again...

Image from LIVET HEMMA, Photographer: Nina Broberg
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IKEA ANGENÄM Bowl for 19,99 €/$24.99, IKEA ANGENÄM Dish for 17,99 €/$19.99, IKEA ANGENÄM Vase for 17,99 €/$19.99 (large) or 19,99 €/$14.99 (small)

12 von 12 / 12 on 12th of February 2012

I know, I know it's already the 13th 14th 15th 16th and I am pretty late to post the 12 images I snapped on the 12th of February but I think I never spent this little time in front of the computer as I did in the past two weeks. Mostly because of my back. It gets sore as soon as I sit on my desk for more than an hour so I only did the work that had to be done and spend as much time as possible away from the computer. Today my back is finally a little better after I ultimately started controlling and correcting my posture constantly...

Anyway, back to Sunday, Feburary 12th...
I started the day like everyday: with feeding two hungry cats! Two VERRRRY hungry cats!
Feeding the hungriest cats in the whole wide world: Mini and...Paxon

Let in the sun and finally made myself some breakfast: Seminola porridge with cinnamon and sugar (Grießbrei mit Zimtzucker).
Letting the sun in #12von12 #12on12thGrießbrei mit Zimtzucker / Seminola porridge with cinnamon and sugar for breakfast #12von12 #12on12th

Paxon needed some extra cuddles and afterwards he hung out in the sun on the radiator next to my desk...yes, Paxon loves it extra-hot!
Cuddling with Paxon #12on12th #12von12The laziest cat ever!

I spend some time making this little painting, a hand-lettered golden ampersand. And we laughed about our silly Mini :)
Handlettering/Painting #12on12th #12von12OK, this is the last cat pic for today. I promise. #12von12 #12on12th

For dinner we had some Beef Bulgogi (here's the Martha Stewart recipe expect I made mine with beef instead of pork) and 7up. I know, 7up sounds pretty unspectacular. But it always reminds me of the family vacations in Forida back in my childhood days when 7up wasn't available in Germany. Yes, I am already that old that I remember the times when we didn't have 7up in Germany...I always brought home a few cans or sometimes I got some 7up (and Dr. Pepper) from my Grandma who rented one of her apartments out to some officers from the US Army...
Beef Bulgogi (well, sort of...) #12von12 #12on12th7up always reminds me of our family vacations in Florida back in the days when it wasn't available in Germany...I can't believe there was a time when 7up was not available here

Oh, and we played "Würfelhit" and later in the evening I hung out at the couch with my Hello Kitty slippers watching TV.
Playing the dice #12on12th #12von12Hanging out on the couch #12von12 #12on12th