Martha Stewart Living Deutschland - now on the news stand

Was entdecke ich da am Samstag beim Wochenendeinkauf ganz zufällig? Martha Stewart Living gibt es jetzt auch auf Deutsch? Warum hat mir das keiner gesagt? Wie konnte das an mir vorbei gehen? Ganz heimlich, still und leise ist der Klambt Verlag - der sonst eher bekannt ist für Klatsch & Tratsch Magazine, mit denen man die Wartezeit beim Arzt tot schlägt - nun mit einer ersten Frühjahrsausgabe auf dem deutschen Markt gestartet. Ab Oktober soll die deutsche Martha Stewart Living monatlich erscheinen...

Wie von der amerikanischen Martha Stewart Living gewohnt, deckt das Magazin die Bereiche Wohnen, Geniessen, Dekorieren, Garten, Leben und DIY ab. Die erste Frühjahrsausgabe von Martha Stewart Living Deutschland kommt sehr Food-lastig daher, was mir persönlich sehr entgegen kommt, da ich kein Haus mit Garten habe und jetzt auch nicht der Haushalts-Ordnungs-Freak bin. Schön finde ich, dass die Rezepte gleich jeweils bei den Fotos stehen und nicht wie in der amerikanischen Ausgabe hinten gesammelt werden. Gut, einige DIY-Tipps sind für Blogger/Blogleser bzw. Martha Stewart-Fans sicher nicht neu, aber diese halten sich in Grenzen. Alles in allem finde ich die erste deutsche Ausgabe von Martha Stewart Living durchaus gelungen und eine willkommene Neuerung auf dem etwas langweilig gewordenen deutschen Zeitschriftenmarkt. Ich muss zugeben, dass ich in den letzten Monaten kaum Zeitschriften (wenn, dann Wohnzeitschriften aus Skandinavien oder Holland) gekauft habe, da ich nicht das Gefühl hatte irgendetwas neues zu sehen bzw. zu lesen...umso mehr freue mich schon auf die Oktober- und natürlich ganz besonders auf die Weihnachts-Ausgabe von Martha Stewart Living Deutschland...

Martha Stewart Living Deutschland Martha Stewart Living Deutschland Martha Stewart Living Deutschland Martha Stewart Living Deutschland
Martha Stewart Living DeutschlandMartha Stewart Living Deutschland
Martha Stewart Living Deutschland
Martha Stewart Living DeutschlandMartha Stewart Living Deutschland
Martha Stewart Living Deutschland Look what I found by accident at the magazine store on Saturday while getting grocieries! Why did nobody tell my that Martha Stewart Living is now available in Germany. In German. How could I miss this? Klambt Verlag (mostly known for its Yellow Press titles in Germany) launched the German Martha Stewart Living with a first Spring issue totally on the Q.T. Starting from October Martha Stewart Living will be published monthly.

Like I am used to from the US Martha Stewart Living the German Martha Stewart Living covers the topics Living, Cooking, Decorating, Gardening, Healthy Living and DIY. This first Spring issue is very food-heavy, which I love as I do neither own an house with garden nor am I a housekeeping or cleaning-fanatic. I LOVE that they put the recipes next to the food photos and not at the end of the magazine like they to in the American edition. Some of the DIY tipps might not be new to bloggers/blog readers or hardcore Martha Stewart fans but they are kept within bounds. Allthogether it's definitely worth buying and a welcome new publication on the German magazine market, which is rather boring. I didn't buy much magazines here in Germany in the past because they kind of lacked new ideas. The only magazines I bought were Scandinavian or Dutch living I really look forward to the October and especially to the Chrimstas issue of Martha Stewart Living Germany...

Frage-Foto-Freitag / Five Fotos on Friday

Time for Steffi's and Okka's Frage-Foto-Freitag...Here is the complete list of all participationg bloggers...

1. Deine Kochbuchreihe? / Your cook books?
Meine Kochbuchreihe / My cook books #fffreitag #FrageFotoFreitag

2. Dein Kalender? / Your calendar?
Mein Kalender / My calendar #fragefotofreitag #fffreitag

3. Es ist ungesund, aber…? / Unhealthy, but...?
Ungesund, aber... / Unhealthy, but... #fffreitag #fragefotofreitag

4. Was wolltest du eigentlich mal werden? / What did you want to become?
Was wolltest Du eigentlich mal werden? / What did you want to become? #fragefotofreitag #fffreitag
Can you guess which answer was mine? (I wrote this back in 6th grade...more than 20 years ago...)

5. Was machst du heute noch? / What do you have planned for today?
Was machst Du heute noch? / What do you have planned for today? #fffreitag #fragefotofreitag

Neon Pink

Finally stared to use the neon pink acrylic paint I bought months ago...after growing up in the 80ties I thought I'd never like or use neon colors again. During the past 20 years I avoided everything neon like the plague but after seeing neon pink things popping up here and there in the blogsphere over the past few months I kind of grew on me again. Especially if used sparingly in artworks or for furniture details...NOT for clothes! Seriously who misses neon pink cycling pants?

So on the weekend I painted a small wooden frame for my living room picture wall neon pink. Not sure yet what will go in there but I already love it although the pink makes my eyes hurt. And I also painted some abstract piece and a neon pink rose inspired by an artist I found some time ago on the internet but whose name I can't remember for god's sake. I was 100% sure I bookmarked his site but I can't find it anymore...Anybody any ideas of the artist's name painting huge roses with dripping paint?

Neon pink frame for my living room wall Framed Neon pink rose

Frage-Foto-Freitag / Five Fotos on Friday

Einen Tag zu spät meine heute nur 4 Fotos für den Frage-Foto-Freitag...bei Steffi gibt's wie immer die Mister Links Liste mit allen Teilnehmern...
One day late my images (only 4 today) for Frage-Foto-Freitag...head over to Steffi for the Mister Linky list with all participating bloggers...

1. Der beste Geruch? / The best scent?
Der beste Geruch? Das Meer #fragefotofreitag #fffreitag

2. Deine Tassen? / Your cups?
Meine Becher/Tassen #fffreitag #fragefotofreitag

3. Deine Sonnenbrille? / Your shades?
Ich trage keine Sonnenbrille, daher ein Foto meiner normalen Brille.. /
I don't wear shades...thus a photo of my regular glasses...
Meine Sonnenbrille...trage keine dafür ein Foto meiner normalen Brille #fragefotofreitag #fffreitag

4. Welches Buch liest du gerade immer wieder? / Book you are currently reading/would read again?
Lese ich zwar nicht gerade, plane ich aber schon seit Wochen nochmal zu lesen... /
Don't read this right now but plan to read it again for weeks now...
Lese ich zwar nicht gerade, möchte ich aber bald nochmal lesen #fragefotofreitag #fffreitag
Smile or Die: How Positive Thinking Fooled America and the World

5. Was würdest du gern verkaufen/tauschen? / What would you like to sell/trade?
Habe im Keller einen Tisch und 4 Stühle von denen ich mich gerne trennen würde (Foto kommt noch...) /
The table and four matching chairs in my cellar (image to come...)

12 von 12 / 12 on 12th of April 2012

What? Already the 12th of April? The past four weeks haven't been my favorite weeks of this year so far...lots of unpleasant stuff going on (family AND business-wise which both sucked big time!) and each day felt awfully long...yet somehow I managed to get through it all and now all of a sudden it's aldreay Mid-April.

I started the day with a slice of cheesecake and Paxon wished he could have, too!
CheesecakePaxon hoping that I drop some cheesecake #12on12th #12von12All gone... #12von12 #12on12th

After breakfast I finished some client work that needs to be send out tomorrow with Mini on my arms...
Cuddling with Mini while working #12on12th #12von12Working #12on12th #12von12

While reorganizing some boxes in my office I found my old watercolor paintboxes that were in desperate need of some cleaning after sitting untouched for more than 10 years. I cleaned them and plan to put them away tomorrow until they fall into my hands again in 10 or so years. And, yes, back in school I was into graffiti and and amateurishly 'tagged' my stuff...well, I have no clue why!? It's quite embarrassing!
Cleaned all my watercolor paintboxes #12on12th #12von12My old paintbox back from when I was in school...yes, I was into graffiti back then and amateurishly 'tagged' my stuff....quite embarrassing... #12von12 #12on12thKORY

And I FINALLY managed to hang some of the paintings on the living room wall above our couch today! After, what? 2 months? 3 months? I need to go get some more nails and hang the remaining images/frames...
Finally started to hang the images in the livingroom #12von12 #12on12thHalfway done

Framed and hung another print in the hallway. It's by Larissa Bertonasco - one of my favorite illustrators. For dinner I prepared some Beef Bulgogi/Teriyaki dish where I added some Chilifäden (what are they called in English? Chile Threads?).
Another image I framed and hung one of my favorite illustrators Larissa Bertonasco #12von12 #12on12thPreparing dinner #12on12th #12von12

Head over to Draußen nur Kännchen for all 12 von 12 posts in April.

Happy Easter

...and sorry Anita Jeram (the illustrator of Guess How Much I Love You) for borrowing your bunny design*. I haven't painted any easter eggs in probably 20 years. When I was younger I used to paint easter eggs every year, mostly copying illustrations from children's books and such. Last year a family friend broke one of the eggs I gave her back then and she made me promise to paint a new egg for her. Sigh! I haven't touched my water colors in years! But, here I am more than a year late (oops!) painting easter eggs (ok, one!) like I used to do as a kid...and wishing I could come up with my own ideas/illustrations.

Hope all of you are having some days off and wishing you a happy easter weekend! (Did you paint some eggs, too?)

Painting an easter egg...wish I could come with my own ideas and copy othersEaster egg half colored in
Easter egg done and ready to give away tomorrowMöhren
*Note: I reproduced Anita Jeram's work (Well, kind of. At least I tried to...) for a personal gift for a friend. I am not selling this easter egg and would never use others' illustrations commercially without permission and/or paying for.