Grey Trianglar Karlanda sofa cover by VIola Gråsten from Bemz

Now that I spontaneously bought an IKEA Karlanda sofa for my studio I'm looking into slip cover options as I'm note sure if I keep the brown cover it comes with. Unfortunately the Karlanda sofa is discontinued by IKEA so I have to look at third-party slip cover suppliers, like Bemz. The grey Trianglar slipcover by textile designer Viola Gråsten is my favorite by far. The price tag of 559 € unfortunately not so much...


  1. das sieht soll aus!

    aber ja... bei dem preis würde ich auch schlucken. ich habe mal bezüge für unserer stühle bestellt. total klasse sind die schon.

    p.s. melde mich nachher...

    LG nic

  2. To bad that the price is so steep because that fabric is amazing!

  3. Hi Corinna!
    Thanks for the shout out - we appreciate it. You are obviously a lady of taste as your wonderful choice, Triangular, is not only an exclusive design to Bemz but also one saved from the archives thanks to digital printing. Many of the fabrics from the Designer Collection are at the top end of the pricing range at Bemz, but the one you picked is the most expensive option out of our grey-based fabrics. It is still however, much less than most designer sofas. If you filter by colour or designer, you will easily find options at less than half that price.
    We'd love to help you with your design process! Call us toll free on: 0800-182 32 30
    Thanks again!
    Christie at Bemz