Fernweh / Sunrise at Frankfurt Airport

Fernweh is the German term for Wanderlust and means literally translated ache for distant places or farsickness (the antonym to homesickness). But wanderlust does not really explain what I am feeling and I don't like the word too much anyway as it originates from the German words wandern (hiking) and lust (desire) – the desire to go hiking is a desire which I never have felt in my life ;) To me wanderlust expresses more something like 'Oh, have you seen this nice picture over there of the Rialto Bridge in Venice? I would love to go there, too.'...but not the constant aching feeling of missing faraway places, like the word Fernweh does.

There are people who go on holiday for about two weeks a year...a week or two under the Spain sun in summer and a few additional days of skiing in winter. Or a long weekend in a city closeby. That's it. They are happy with it. They have no desire to travel to unknown places. Visit foreign contries. Being on the road for weeks. Hear unknown languagues and eat new food. They most likely never experience what it feels like to step out of an airplane, take that first deep breath and smell the air of a different place for the first time. Or to step out of the plane and recognize where you landed by the smell of the air you inhale.

And there are poeple who don't go on holiday. People who travel. Who don't take all expense tours. Who like to blend in wherever they are. People who freak out if the only language they hear when being away from home is their mother tongue. People who want to travel for weeks or months and who want leave again as soon as they unlocked the front door of their home. People who have experieced Fernweh. Who know that heart-wrenching pain longing for foreign places especially when not being able to travel right now.

I am the latter. I never felt homesick. Of course I miss my cats terribly while traveling and wish I could take them with me...but that's it. I don't miss all the stuff that surrounds me at home and that turns an house or an apartment into an home. I don't miss my clothes. I don't miss being in my home town or a daily routine – probably because I don't have one anyway... But when being at home I basically always feel this far-ache. The longing to be somewhere else. Sometimes I feel it more. Sometimes less. But I carry this ache for far away places always in me. And sometimes it makes my heart ache as much as a unhappy love affair normally only does.

Sunrise at Frankfurt Airport Sunrise at Frankfurt Airport Sunrise at Frankfurt Airport Sunrise at Frankfurt Airport
Theese images were taken at Frankfurt Airport last September. It was very early in the morning when we arrived in Frankfurt and we were able to watch the sun rising while waiting for our flight to NYC.


  1. Der Text hätte von mir sein können! Permanentes Fernweh. Immer. So gar jetzt, wo ich im Ausland lebe. Habe erst neulich Wandering Earls Homepage gefunden, er reist seit 12 Jahren non-stop. Wunderbare Seite, um virtuell zu reisen! LG aus Helsinki!

  2. Ein schöner Text. Ich würde sehr gerne in den nächsten Monaten verreisen, kann mich aber nicht entscheiden wohin.

  3. Oooooh! Schööön! Ich hab irgendwie IMMER Fernweh! Und in NYC warst Du? Toll! Da war ich vor äh...17 Jahren auch mal...puh... Liebe Grüße und feines Wochenende DIr!

  4. ganz tolle fotos - und das, obwohl ich fast nie fernweh verspüre und fliegen + flughäfen grässlich finde;)
    sei liebst gegrüßt von der zu hause hockerin birgit