12 VON 12 im Juni 2013 / 12 ON 12th of June 2013

12von12 Juni 2013 12von12 Juni 2013 12von12 Juni 2013 I started the day with doing some housework and a very late breakfast having leftovers from the evening before. Baguette with smoked salmon spread and Pimento Cheese. First time I had made Pimento Cheese but I'm already hooked...

12von12 Juni 2013 12von12 Juni 2013 12von12 Juni 2013 I have no idea why I do the laundry!? But really, how could I scare her away from the warm towels...she loves sleeping in them sooooo much! Sleepy head of the day for Nic's photoproject #68 "Beauty is where you find it - Schlafmütze/Sleepyhead".

12von12 Juni 2013 12von12 Juni 2013 12von12 Juni 2013 Strawberries for lunch! Plus some snapshots from my "hood"...

12von12 Juni 2013 12von12 Juni 2013 12von12 Juni 2013 ...and some more. Finding a parking space here is no fun these days so getting home often involves a involuntary stroll. In the evening I watched Zurück in Bismuna - part two of the documentary film Bismuna - Ein Abenteuerfilm. A film about 3 young drug addicts that where sent to a drug rehabilitation camp in Nicaragua for 1,5 years and how they manage (or sadly don't manage and have fallen back to addiction) their lives 12 years later. If you understand German and can find it online WATCH IT!


  1. ach ... So schöne Bilder ... da ist doch in der Nähe das Dampfnudelbäck?? Da war ich früher voll gerne.

    Lgr, Ute.

    1. Ja, genau, der Dampfnudelbäck ist gleich nur paar Häuser weiter rechts auf dem letzten Bild in der dritten Reihe! Kommt Du aus Nürnberg?

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  3. Oh - der Film hätte mich so interessiert. Leider kann ich ihn online nirgends finden....
    Liebe Grüße barbara

  4. I have the perfect pimiento cheese recipe for you: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/-Adult-Pimiento-Cheese-100852 Notes: You must use a garlic press (I never do otherwise; I always chop my garlic) but it's important here). Also, I double the pimientos and add a splash of white wine and less mayonnaise. It's always in our fridge. Enjoy!