Wanted: Small couch for my Studio/Home Office
Gesucht: Kleines Sofa für mein Studio/Home Office

Since I put up my new old cabinet and moved things around in my studio I have this free wall where I want to put a tiny sofa and one or two chairs with a little table. Well, I in theory I have a free wall...in reality there is still all kind of stuff standing in front of this wall that need to be put away. But since planning is more fun than tidying up I couldn't help myself and did some research about what kind of sofa I could put there. Ideally I am going to find a cute little vintage couch (like Astrid's famous orange sofa) at the thrift store later this week. But as this is most likely not going happen I have to think about other possibilities. (OK, most of them are out of budget, but they are nice inspirations anyway...)
Seit ich den neuen alten Schrank aufgebaut habe und in meinem Studio/Home Office einiges herumgeschoben habe, ist nun eine Wand frei. An diese Wand möchte ich ein kleines Sofa mit ein, zwei Stühlen und einem kleinen Tischchen stellen. Im Moment steht dort zwar noch alles möglich Gedöns, aber da Planen bekanntlich mehr Spaß macht als Aufräumen, habe ich mich schonmal etwas nach Sofas umgesehen...am lieben wäre es mir, wenn ich im Gebrauchtwarenkaufhaus ein kleines, altes Sofa finde, wie das orange Sofa von Astrid. Aber da dies ziemlich unwahrscheinlich ist, habe ich mich schonmal ein bisschen nach Alternativen umgesehen. (Auch wenn die meisten davon leider mein Budget sprengen...)

I really like these three sofas from Habitat. Especially the orange Daborn sofa which looks a little bit like modern sofa of Astrid's vintage one, don't you think? From left to right: Habitat Daborn, Balthasar and Ella. Diese drei Sofas von Habitat finde ich toll. Besonders die orangene Daborn Couch, die ein bisschen wie eine modere Version von Adtrids Couch aussieht, hat es mir angetan. Von links nach rechts: Habitat Daborn, Balthasar und Ella.

Oh, and those Desigers Guild sofas are PERFECTION! From left to right: cosmopolitan, julep and flute Und diese drei von Designers Guild sind PERFEKT! Würde ich alle drei sofort nehmen. Von links nach rechts: cosmopolitan, julep und flute.

Another really nice sofa is the pink Miss Behaving sofa from the Sofa Workshop. I have never heard of the Sofa Workshop before...a British company specialized in making individual sofas by hand. I'd love to visit their store in London! Diese kleine pinke Couch mit dem passenden Namen Miss Behaving ist von Sofa Workshop. Einem Britischem Sofahersteller, der sich darauf spezialisiert hat individuelle Sofas von Hand zu fertigen.

A new old wardrobe and a huge mess

Are you tired of seeing perfectly styled, gorgeous homes all the time? Then I welcome you to the crazy mess that was once my studio. I bought this old wardrobe and thought: Hey, let's put it in my room, store all my food photography props in there and I'm done. Gone are those old open IKEA Bonde shelves where all my props collect tons of dust. Well, this plan didn't exactly work out as forgot (or successfully repressed) how much work rearranging is. Plus I didn't like the wardrobe where I put it first. I had to remove everything (which is A LOT more than I remembered) from the old shelves first in order to move them out of the room. Then we did push the new cabinet around quite some time to find the right spot for it. So this is where I am now: Having found a spot for the new cabinet and stuff everywhere. Old shelves that need to be disassembled. More stuff. And a cat that thinks this is a great adventure and doesn't mind to nap in the biggest mess. Oh, and even more stuff. And no idea what to do with the rest of my room. Well...before I can go back to rearrange and out away things I have to get some work done. If you ever feel like your home is to neat - feel free to call me. I can make a hugeantic mess within minutes ;-) Welcome to my prefectly unstyled life!

Welcome to the crazy chaos that was once my studio...bonus points if you find Mini ;) Plates and stuff everywhere...help! Plates and stuff everywhere...help! Hello new old wardrobe Untitled Setting up my new old wardrobe which will function as my prop cabinet Untitled More stuff and choas... More stuff and choas... More stuff and choas... More stuff and choas... More stuff and choas... More stuff and choas...

Ostermarkt in Nürnberg / Easter Market in Nuremberg

It's Easter Market time again in Nuremberg. I try to go there every year to get some cooking utensils and such... There's also lots of kitschy stuff being sold (and also strange things like panties - too bad I missed to take a picture of them!) but I go there for the inexpensive yed branded cook and bakeware.

Do you see the casserole with the lilac polka dots from Riess in picture below on the left? Too bad I already have the lilac casserole (the one without dots) below plus two more similar ones :( In the past years I bought quite some enamel cookware the market and I totally blame the sellers there for my love for Riess products!